Which is better to rent: an apartment or house?

Mr J and I are thinking about renting either a house in a decent neighborhood or an upscale apartment.

Assuming that the monthly rent is the same amount and within our budget… what are the pros and cons to renting a house vs renting an apartment?

In my experience, having your own four walls is worth a ton. I’d go for the house. You also get your own private yard. However, if the house doesn’t come with a gardener, and you don’t like doing that sort of thing, stick to the apartment. The landlord is a complete crapshoot, but you could probably ask the neighbors in the apartment complex about how they get along with the landlord.

My wife and I have been renting a house for the last seven years after living in an apartment for three years (and me having lived in apartments most of my life prior to that).

I will do everything in my power to never, ever go back. Just having our own lawn and garage make it worthwhile. Yes, we have to pay all the utilities, and we usually foot the bill for minor repair issues (like the occasional plumber visit). Still way worth it. I can’t even tell you. If you have to rent, and you have the choice, go with the house.

I rent a house.

Houses have washer and dryer hookups, many apartments don’t.
You can make noise in a house - be it music, TV, gaming, weight training, etc. without your neighbors complaining.
Likewise, you don’t hear them stomping across your ceiling.
You can have a garden.
You normally get to park right next to your home. And you’re allowed to wash or work on your car there.
You have complete control of the temperature.
I think the neighbors are less likely to be nosy than ones in an apartment building.

Houses cost more to heat or cool.
When it gets cold you worry about the pipes freezing.
You’ll have to shovel your own snow.
Someone has to mow the grass. (But my landlord has a guy who does that.)