Which is correct, "No One" or Noone"?

I’ve always assumed it was “No one”, but I’ve notced in several posts, there’s “noone”, which I always misread as “noon”. And I’ve seen it used in other places. According to Dictionary.com there’s no such word as noone.

It’s “no one.” Two words.

Noone is correct.

…as long as you’re referring to the leader of Herman’s Hermits.

“No one,” unless you’re trying to talk about having a “nooner”, which is completely different…

That was my first thought. How many foreigners wonder what a “no-oner” is, and when they find out, wonder why it is called that?

MS Word doesn’t recognize “noone” as a word. I also read it as “noon”, so for these reasons I always write it as “no one.”

“No one” is correct in US English.

In the UK, you’ll sometimes see “no-one.”

“Noone” is not correct, and is confusing.

I always thought it was “noone” until I read Noclueboy’s recent complaint about it. So I looked it up and was shocked to see that actually “no one” is correct instead.

It’s definitely “no one.” Now we wait to find out if Noone Special is embarrassed or joking. :wink:

No one uses “noone.” :smiley:

But you really can’t trust spell checkers in word processors.

I saw a TV Guide item once referring to Peter Noone, due to a line break his last name got hyphentated as “No-one”. So some program thought “Noone” was “No-one”.

God I loved him. What a babe. In a cute, boyish kind of way. His smile just turned me inside out!

What on earth is wrong with “no-one”?

I’ve often pondered this same question. My solution is to use “nobody”, which means the same thing and doesn’t look funny.

Embarrassed (that is, I really did think that noone was correct :o.) Learn something new every day! (it isn’t some thing, I hope? :eek: )

But you really should cut me some slack, because I’m a “furriner” :wink:


And no, I’m not writing an admin for a name change. I’ve come to like my handle the way it is! So there.

Well, I’ll cut you some slack, but only by assuming that you have a crush on Peter Noone and named yourself thusly.


Actually, I thought of trying to imply that he may have named himself after me - but I’m not quite that old, yet :eek:

(Oh, and - at least in this incarnation - I’m a guy, and straight. So I don’t think it would have worked out too well between us)


The correct spelling is “Nobody”


I second Ross’s no-one.

I think the confusion lies with the relationship between “no one” and “someone” and “everyone”. I’ve never used the pseudo-word “noone”, which I’m inclined to pronounce as “noo-nee”. (I’ve never used “no-one” either.)

I don’t think I’ve ever used the term “some one” before, but I have used both “everyone” and “every one”, depending on the situation. For example…

“Every one of these boxes needs to be labelled.”


"Everyone here is in big trouble!

There’s probably a situation where “some one” may be appropriate, but I can’t think of any at the moment.