Which is worse? [making sex or alcohol illegal]

Having sex made illegal or having alcohol made illegal?

Apparently, it’s not true that there are no stupid questions.

C) Being hit by a bus.

…And the supply seems unlimited.

Title edited for clarity.

Without alcohol, there is no sex.

In a world ruled by giant beavers, which cheese is no longer consumed?

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For the world/economy it’s alcohol because thousands of business would fail and taxes would be effected

For most people personally it’s sex because sex is fun and free. Although with sex you run into the whole procreation issue, plus where does sex stop? Are you outlawing just good ole P in V? What about handies? A nice healthy BJ? Can we have gay sex?

Without sex, humanity will be extinct in 100 years. This is much worse than what prohibition did to the USA.

I’ve heard of people called “sexaholics” before.

They’re probably gonna be pretty bummed one way or the other.

I am definitely stealing this and using it elsewhere. Wonderful.

Either way, drunken hookups are history.

Now get working on the post.

Mmmmm, sexahol!

We have experience with alcohol having been made illegal. But none with the other option and I don’t see how sex could be made illegal. (Certain acts could and have been made illegal, but not everything.)