Which James Bond villain's plan would be most likely to succeed?

Inspired by this recent thread

about fort knox, I started thinking about Goldfinger. In your humble opinion, would this plan have worked?

For those unfamiliar, Goldfinger owned a lot of gold. In fact, he loves gold, only gold, he loves gold (haha). His plan was to detonate a nuclear device in fort knox in order to irradiate the entire US gold supply. This would decrease the world’s gold supply, and as any economist will tell you, decreased supply with steady demand will raise prices. This would make Goldfinger’s gold that much more valuable.

In addition, I am curious what James Bond villain you think had the most sound plan. To be fair, I have not seen all the movies and my memory is a bit foggy, so please describe the plan when you post.

Kanaga’s plot from Live & Let Die.

Double or triple the number of heroin addicts by giving away huge mounds of the stuff free?
Yeah. That will work fine.

Also, it had the best soundtrack.