Which kind of frosting was it?

Do you remember the commercial that went–

‘It’s ready when you are, and even when you aren’t. That’s Betty Crocker ready-to-spread frosting.’

I have an annoying friend who insists that the commercial goes, ‘…Duncan Hines ready-to-spread frosting.’

Even though every single person he or I ask say, “It’s Betty Crocker, not Duncan Hines, you moron!” this guy insists it’s Duncan Hines, and if you press him about it, he’ll get huffy and say, “My mother told me it was Duncan Hines!”

He has promised lunch at the swankiest restaurant in town if I can provide proof. Upwards of 50 people telling him he is a moron has left him unswayed. I should have asked here a long time ago. Can anyone help me re-educate this man?

Amazing! Essentially the same question was posted to a tv board here . They couldn’t decide if it was Pillsbury or Duncan Hines.

The only reply to the question came from some guy who said that it came from his company, Delta airlines, but without the frosting part.