Which large nations lack a domestic auto industry?

Do they make cars in Australia? India? Brazil? South Africa?

And if so, do they make them as subsidiaries of international corporations based elsewhere, or do they have a ‘native’ automaker like Sweden has Saab and South Korea has Hyundai?

India has a very large domestic auto industry, notably including Tata Motors, founded by Jamshedji Nussarwanji Tata in 1945 as a locomotive company. They had a lot of publicity last year over the Tata Nano, a car that sells for about $2500.

Australia made 334k motor vehicles in 07
India made 2.3million
Brazil made 2.9million
S. Africa made 534k

I think out of those only India has a homegrown auto manufacturer Tata - they make the Nano Tatas - and there are a few other mfgs.

Holden is Australia’s GM subsidiary, and i think the euro mfgs are represented in Brazil quite well

India: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Motors

There’s also Mahindra & Mahindra, who plans to pick up some former Chrysler dealers and start selling their pickup trucks in the US.

Wikipedia has a handy list of countries by motor vehicle production. I don’t notice any particularly conspicuous absences.

Wikipedia lists Bangladesh as 7th in population but it doesn’t appear on the motor vehicle list. That’s not particularly surprising, I don’t guess.

From a wealth perspective rather than a population perspective, none of the Middle Eastern countries appear on the motor vehicle list.

Australia’s autos are mostly made by Holden, which is part of GM.

Australia makes lots of cars. The two major manufacturers are Holden (owned by GM, but left to their own devices 99% of the time) and Ford (subsidiary of Ford USA, and again, pretty much left to do whatever they like). Toyota also build cars here, FWIW, and Mitsubishi used to until last year.

New Zealand used to have a car assembly plant in the North Island for assembling CKD car kits, but in the late '80s the Government just removed all the import tarriffs on cars so NZ became flooded with cheap Japanese Imports and the factory closed down in the late '90s.

Besides not being true (Ford and Toyota make just as many cars as Holden), I wouldn’t say that sort of thing too loudly near any die-hard Ford supporters! :wink:

Fair enough, I sit corrected. :slight_smile:

And just barely under Bangladesh is Pakistan and Nigeria.

Canada has plants that belong to Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda, plus a GM/Suzuki joint venture (CAMI). There have been a number of attempts in the past few decades to start a Canadian-owned car company (Bricklin, anyone?), but they pretty much came to naught. (I am not familiar with earlier events.)

However, at least one Canadian parts-maker, Magna, became large and advanced to building complete cars from kits under contract. And in the ongoing reorganization/selloff of GM, it looks like Magna is going to pick up Adam Opel AG, which was the mainland European arm of GM, and thus graduate to being a full car company. The folks at Château Stronach* must be proud.

[sub]*Château Stronach is what I call Magna’s headquarters in Aurora, Ontario. It’s styled to look like a French château, and set amidst opulent grounds. Magna was founded by one Frank Stronach.[/sub]

What about Bombardier? I thought they made cars and trucks and aircraft and snowmobiles…

Bombardier does not make regular cars. I believe they make low-speed ‘neighbourhood electric vehicles’. Based on their experience making snowmobiles and four-wheelers, I suspect they’d be more likely to enter the motorcycle market via Bombardier Recreational Products than become a full-size automobile manufacturer.

I also forgot to mention that Canada has a number of domestic bus manufacturers (Orion, Prevost Car, New Flyer).

Bombardier Recreational Products

Looking at BRP’s site, I see that they have acquired the Spyder, a specialty trike. They’re close…

Auto production by country:

Biggest economies:

The Netherlands have a small car industry, relative to their total output.

It appears that Switzerland does not have a notable car industry, or maybe it’s small and specialized.

Saudi Arabia does not have a car industry. Neither does Norway. Both are in the top 25 GDP list due to their oil reserves.

Neither Greece, Denmark or Ireland appear to have an auto industry.

Surfing, I see that the Swiss built automobiles in the early part of last century. Today Swiss Auto makes parts and Rinspeed designs concept cars, sports cars and judging from the pictures on their website swimming cars as well as of course flying cars.

Channel 4 has a link on the swiss auto industry which is currently dead:

Suzuki India has 50 % share in domestic market .

Tata motors may catch up when TATA NANO goes full steam in 2 to 3 years ( with multiple manufacturing locations)

Weren’t DeLoreans made in Ireland? True, they’re not any more, but it does seem rather odd that Ireland has shipbuilding facilities but not car manufacturing facilities…

ETA: Yes, I know they were made in Northern Ireland, which is technically part of the UK, depending who you talk to.

Bricklin was an American carpetbagger. He was, like me, from Philadelphia and I knew his cousin moderately well.

I am surprised no one has mentioned Indonesia. They are a very large country > 100 million and I have never heard they built cars.