Which law is most commonly flouted?

Speed limits? Taxation? Putting ketchup on your hot dog? Eating Smarties but failing to reserve those if crimson hue? Masking violations?

Putting ketchup on a hot dog isn’t illegal as far as I know, and there is no law about how to eat Smarties. I don’t know what masking violations are, but many people speed, and I assume many cheat on their taxes. If I had to guess, I’d say speeding is the most flouted law in the US.

I would’ve guessed littering based on the amount of trash I see lying around but I’ll admit that I very rarely actually witness acts of littering. The same can’t be said for speeding, which I see happening hundreds of times each day.

Assuming the letter of the law forbids driving even one or two miles per hour above the speed limit, even for a few seconds (am I right about this?), I’m guessing that this is the one that is technically broken most often. (It’s the only law I can think of that I regularly break—although I generally try to obey the spirit of the law, if not the letter.)

I would say speeding, littering, and not reporting income, find a dime on the sidewalk and don’t report it as income? Shame shame shame.

I’m guessing it would be jaywalking.

Any local laws along the lines of not putting ketchup on hot dogs are usually passed tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously. For example, I have heard of a Georgia town that has outlawed eating fried chicken with utensils, but they have an annual fried-chicken festival and passed that law only for publicity purposes. I doubt anyone has ever taken it seriously.

Balanced out by the wind blowing that dollar bill out your wallet when you were opening it to give to a charity kettle.
That’s a weather related loss, right?

Laws vary by locality, of course, but in most jurisdictions, I don’t think you’re required to report or pay taxes on trivial sources of income such as finding a dime on the sidewalk.

And you can always see litter, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is littering: It only takes a few litterers to produce all the mess that we see. Pretty much everyone, though, goes at least a little above the posted speed limit.

A law like that can’t be the most flouted, anyway, since the number of people who even can flout it is limited to the people of that town.

Yes, of course. I mentioned it only because the OP mentioned putting ketchup on hot dogs, and that would be an example of such a “law.”

drunk driving.

The law against indecent exposure. Cite: see the thread on cargo shorts.

Nah, I think most people never, or only very rarely, drive when they’re above the legal limit. And those who do, break other laws as well. After all, drunk driving wouldn’t be as bad if the drunk driver could be counted on to scrupulously obey all other driving laws.

Not even close. Anyone who drives to work speeds at least twice a day. Not many people drink nearly that much.

Maybe improper lane change might be a close second, if not tied for first. Many people act like they aren’t aware that their car even has turn signals or what they are used for.

Yeah–it’s difficult to imagine that anything else comes close to breaking the speed limit law. Even if you say that the law can be broken a maximum of once per trip, plenty of people–possibly the majority of drivers–break this on a daily basis. It’s difficult to think of any other law that tens or hundreds of millions of Americans break on a daily basis.

Depends on jurisdiction. In Seattle they ticket it, and almost no one does it. Or at least it was that way when I lived in the city.

Where I live, signaling a lane change prompts enemy drivers to deliberately cut you off from making that needed lane change. I’ve had them nearly run me off the road, force me to make an undesired exit, keep me from making a needed exit, etc.

I think I’d agree with speed laws being most commonly broken. I can be on the freeway at 5-10 over posted speed and be passed by even police cars (not running with lights/sirens, just part of the traffic flow). Seems like a large percentage in my area only really consider speed a problem in residential or school zones (and some jackasses not even then).

Naw, anything less than a dollar is legit.

Speeding, hands down.

Putting ketchup on a hot dog is a moral law in some cities. Failure to observe proper Smarties protocol is a law of etiquette. But sure, not really illegal. Fortunately, I was extremely serious when I proposed these things.

Ketchup on a hot dog is fine… if you are a kid. Otherwise I look sideways. Mind you, whatever floats your boat.

What is "proper Smarties protocol "??

Easily speeding.

Not only is it flouted by motorists, it’s ignored to an extent by us enforcers. In reality a cite could be issued at just 1 over but with only a few exceptions the rule is 5-10 over. Around here it’s 13 over. The prosecutor isn’t going to charge less than that and a judge isn’t going to convict on less that.