Which make of printers are cheapest to use?

In terms of ink?

Since you mentioned ink, I’m assuming ink jet printers (which are more costly than laser printers, on a per page basis) are what you are looking at.

PC Magazine’s tests indicate that it’s not manufacturer dependent, so much as model dependent. There’s a link from this cite that has actual cost per typical page.


DMC is correct of course, its the model not the brand but i’m partial to HP myself. I’ve owned three of them over six years and i’ve never had a single problem.

Whatever it is, it is NOT Lexmark. Cheap printers - terribly expensive ink.:frowning:

Im using a laser printer now. They can output 3000 pages per cart or so. Which is more than twenty times
what an inkjet can do. So, if a black ink cart is $20.00 then a toner cart would be $400 but they
are more liked $50-75

A general rule of thumb is that the smaller the ink cartridge a printer uses, the higher its cost of use.