Which muscle did I tweak here?

I’ve actually done this repeated times. Sometimes if I bend my arm back too far, I get a sharp pain in my forearm, and sometimes even around my ribcage if I twist my entire body around.

For example, I will be sitting in my car and I will try to reach around in to the backseat to get something and I seemingly twist further than my body feels I should. OUCH!

Or, I will be taking off a coat and will bend my arm back too far while taking it off. :eek:

This morning, I was sleeping on my side and I rolled over, but my left arm was “left behind”. When I pulled it around, YOINK!

The pain goes away after about 5 minutes, although I must admit that it really hurts a lot at the time.

The lesson should be: Don’t try these things like that.

There are a few muscles in the forearm. The main two are the Pronator quadratus which is a deeper muscle, and the Pronator teres which is more superficial. As for your rib cage it is most likely one of the external Oblique muscles.

When I played baseball I would always end up pulling a muscle in my forearm. Until I started using this exercise gizmo that works the area by only flexing those muscles.

I misstated the spot where I tweak my arm. It’s actually the upper arm. Between the elbow and shoulder.

Sounds like a rotator cuff issue. Treat those sorts of pains with great caution.

I will throw fewer curve balls.

This could be your pectoralis major or minor, your bicep or your subscapularis rotator cuff muscles.

If it is the rotator cuff, it should hurt at about 90 degrees when doing a “snow angel” move where you put youir hands at your side, kep your arms straight, and move them above your head keeping them in the same plane as your body. It should also hurt if you put your elbow 90 degrees (with upper arm at shoulder height and forearm facing upwards above the shoulder) and bend the forearm so that it is facing downwards (that is, rotating the shoulder).

If it is the subscapularis rotafor cuff, the pain is at the front of your shoulder.

I think my rotator cuff is OK. Thanks.

Has anyone considered it could be the insertion of his latissimus dorsi?

Originates in the small of the back. Inserts on the humerus.

Used in twisting motions.

For the record, there is a tiny bit of soreness in a muscle that I would describe as being on the lower part of my arm, i.e., if hold my arm out in front of me, the sort part would be hanging down toward the ground.

That part of the arm.

When I hurt myself twisting back to get something out of my car, the same muscle hurt as well as parts of my ribcage.

Again the really painful part really lasted just about five minutes. Then it eased up. It’s just strange how it goes from OW OW OW OW OW to ow ow ow ow to nothing.

The muscle on the underside of the upper arm is the triceps brachii muscle.

The muscles on the lower/side ribcage are the Obliquus externus abdominis

Pain in the obliques is probably bue to hyperextension (a “pulled” muscle) but it should require pretty serious effort to pull them. If normal twisting is cauing you pain, I would suspect something else like a bruised rib or a chronic injury.

I’ve never heard of anyone hyperextending the triceps and can’t imagine how you would do it, so I would expect soreness there to be from excessive pushing forces.

Normal movement shouldn’t be causing you pain. Is there some underlying condition? Maybe a yoga class would losen you up a bit and keep you from having these pains.