Which NBA player would you rsther be?

If you switch places with either of these guys, who would you pick? Your choices are:

Brandon Knight (best player on the last place Bucks)

Andre Robeson (12th man on the 1st place Thunder)

Basically you’re choosing between personal and team success.

I think it would be more fun to be average or below average on winning team. There would be more money the other way, but even the 12th man on an NBA team makes a good living I would think.

I wish your poll had a third option. Here would be my choice:

Mike Scott - Atlanta Hawks. The 2nd man off the bench, averages 9 points and 3 rebounds a game in about 16 minutes per game.

Basically a middle tier player on a middle tier team.

The one with the bigger contract and better career opportunities. I imagine it would be nice to win a championship as a 12th man, but Brandon Knight will make many millions throughout his career and his success will not be determined by whether he wins any championships like a superstar would be.

Maybe if I were a 38 year old veteran whose career was almost over and who’d never won a ring, I might be happy as a scrub for a championship team.

Otherwise, I’d much rather be on the floor playing than sitting on the bench, period. So, I’d rather be Brandon Knight. It’s not even close.

Ernie Banks never won a World Series. Charlie Silvera won a bunch. I’d rather be Banks.

Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl. Mike Kruczek won three. I’d rather be Marino.

Really depends on your philosophy on…life and work, I guess, but personally I wouldn’t find any satisfaction in team success that I had no part in bringing about.

Definitely Knight, since he can apparently rise from the dead.

Plus, what DigitalC and astorian said.

You do realize that that clip was of Knight getting dunked ON, right? He was the guy on the ground who got posterized. Hell, I’m a 50 year old white dude and I can do that!

The team needs the last guy. The worst player on an NBA team was a star college player. Last man to make the team is enough fame and fortune for me.

I think the joke is that Knight effectively died on that play and was able to rise to play another game - effectively making him immortal and more desirable.

If fame/fortune doesn’t really entice you, what difference would it make to be on a championship squad or not? At least if you’re Brandon Knight, you’ll get playing time.

Knight. Presumably he’s got a decent career ahead of him, and he won’t always be on a crappy team. If I were Robeson, I’d know that I was expendable. If the Thunder found someone better, dirt-cheap, guess who’s gone?

Knight right? And it’s nothing to do with personal success. The fact is that Knight is a good player and Robeson is a marginal NBA talent (no matter how good he is versus the rest of the population). You can always be traded. You can always find yourself with a GM that trades for talent and suddenly your situation is better. Robeson may rise to 10th man on someone else’s team but he will never be someone who has the options that Knight does - he is inherently more expendable, not jut to his team but to the league in general.

It’s not personal success - seems to me that Knight just has many more options open to him in the NBA than Robeson - and I would always want more options.