Which of these 16 ending TV shows will you miss the most?

We Miss 'Em Already: ‘Justified,’ ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘The Newsroom,’ and 13 More Shows That Will End Soon for details, but who really cares?

One vote only. Make it count.

None of the above, surprisingly.

Even the ones on the list that I know and love (**HIMYM **being the prime example) cannot go on forever, and too many shows do drag on far past their “Best By” date. Enjoy them all in syndication (except for Glee which should have all episodes burn in a mysterious warehouse fire…but I digress) but let them go gently into that good night.

Warehouse 13 is underrated, and we’ve had too few episodes. It has my vote.

Everything else has pretty much had a good run. “Justified” is my favorite show, but I figure it’s better for it to go out on top.

The only one I watch is HIMYM, and watch it go not with with sorrow, but with gladness; its time has come.

That was easy, I only watch two of them. Warehouse 13. Not only will I miss it specifically, but I’ll miss the genre of quirky comedic fantasy that has dried up and been replaced with edgy gritty dark fantasy overflowing with vampires, ghosts, and werewolves and copious nudity.

I like How I Met Your Mother, but it’s time to move on.

I will miss Jay Leno. Some of the bits like the ebay items, Jaywalking, etc. I know it’s fashionable to hate him but I like all the late night guys. They’re all a bit different and good in their own ways.

I’ve never watched any of them, but always meant to watch several of them.

Same here. Someday maybe I’ll get around to watching Justified and Boardwalk Empire but I’ll know it has a final episode when I do so. Used to watch Newsroom but dropped it last season. I’m more disturbed that I recognize some of those Disney shows than by the fact that they’re ending. Of course, they’re probably ending because the primary actresses are turning 30 or something so now that bothers me too.

I find it amusing (after the fact and after some votes) that the title of the Yahoo! article really grabbed my attention and had me all nervous that some other of my favorites were being jettisoned. As it turns out, those three in the headline are the only ones on the list that I even watch! I used to watch Letterman a bit, but their commercial overload broke me of that. I don’t dislike Leno or Fallon but I just can’t handle commercial breaks at that time of day. I just nod off and miss the show.

I get the feeling that network TV may finally be catching on to the fact that folks can record their shows and watch them without the commercials, and that sponsors realize that and shows are getting harder to sell to advertisers.

Whatever the reason, TV is fast losing its audiences. Maybe Netflix is striking while the iron is hot?

The only show on that list I watch is Boardwalk Empire. It’s a quality show, but it’s not really something that I must see, it’s just something that’s on that’s not shit. I just hope it has a reasonably satisfying conclusion.

Boardwalk Empire is the only one I watch. While I will miss it, I do appreciate it retiring gracefully. I wish more shows would do it.

I voted for HIMYM. It’s not that I want it to go on-- I absolutely do not-- but I’ll miss it, or I guess I’ll miss the characters. Lucky for me, there’s syndication.

Most of these I’ve never even heard of before so I’ll not miss there absence. I thought Warehouse 13 was cancelled years ago so the fact that it’s still (briefly) here is the surprising bit.

Please bring me up to speed. Why is it fashionable to hate Leno? I’ve never found him particularly funny or interesting but he seemed generally inoffensive. Is it because of his part in the all-round jackassery of leaving his show, Conan’s brief stint in the time slot and then Leno’s return to it? I can’t think of any other things he’s done to warrant anything worse than indifference.

:smack: I accidentally voted on Glee but meant to vote for Warehouse 13. I thought it was “miss the least” at first.

I did like Glee’s first few seasons. Now it is dreadful. Warehouse is definitely underrated.

I guess I had figured Boardwalk Empire would carry on through the end of Prohibition, for whatever reason, so it’s a bit of a gutpunch for me to hear that it’s going to be ending so soon. Hope they do a good job wrapping up.

I’ve only ever watched HIMYM and that not for a long time.

I’m going to try to capture the moment when the last option hits 50%!

Shouldn’t be too long, the way things are going.

Holy cow! I’ve never watched it, but I had no idea that Californication was still going. That’s the one with David Duchovny, right?

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll miss any of these. I’m actually looking forward to Fallon taking over for Leno, although I only watch late night TV about twice a month.

Voted for Boardwalk Empire. But I’ve lost love for that one. It did ramp back up for me, tho.

I’ve always watched HIMYM but haven’t really liked the bulk of it. I think it’s kind of like Scrubs where I really dislike the main character (Ted, JD) and whatever story he’s involved in, but I love the weirdness of everyone else and that’s why I tuned in. Kind of like if I said “Ted? No he’s an asshole, I never hang out with him,” but he’s actually at every event I go to and I’m with him all the time.

Boardwalk Empire. I kinda wanted to see more of Al Capone growing into what he eventually became.