Which of these is a better premise for a horror film?

Which of these is a better premise for a horror film?

1: A psychopathic alien with a twisted sense of humor forces 100 high schoolers to fight to the death for his amusement.

2: Various monsters wreak havoc on a small town on Halloween night.

I like the second one.

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Both are well chewed food in overly trodden territory so I’m not sure “best” is in play here. Premise doesn’t matter as much, though, if it’s well executed.

Why 100? Maybe the alien has 12 fingers, so it’s 144 high schoolers.

What a gross premise.

The second one is the premise of Trick 'R Treat, which is really good.

Various monsters invade a post apocalyptic world where they find mostly children have survived. As the Alien monsters realize they are superior in strength skill and strategy they begin to play with the kids as a dirty Mexican drug addict would in a Mexican cock fight… tournament of the times.

  1. The world is leaking into another dimension whenever objects are neither extremely blobby or extremely sharp (more average, more dimensional leakage), so that eventually the world can only be stable if made of dough and needles.

  2. A confused god with a godlike brain injury confuses game shows for tests of human worth. A shy theology student must win Jeopardy and Supermarket Sweep to save mankind.