Which of these situations would you say is more volatile?

Today’s story is about CHRIS and PAT. They do not interact in the following tail, but rather have parallel situations I would like you to speculate on.

Both Chris and Pat are in their mid to late 30s and extremely good looking, charming, smart, & funny. Each lives in a sort of rooming house whose other residents are significantly younger, ranging from 19 to 25. All of Chris’s housemates are female; all of Pat’s housemates are mail. Because both of them share a kitchen and other common areas* with their younger neighbors, Chris and Pat have begun to spend a great deal of time with them. Because of their considerable advantages, both Chris and Pat have garnered no small amount of romantic/sexual attraction from the housemates. Over the course of six months or so, Chris ends up sleeping with four of the young women in that house; Pat does likewise with four of the young men in that one. In neither case does Chris or Pat lie to anyone about any exclusivity or long-term prospects; however, neither does either of them inform any of the eventual lovers that among other housemates are persons warming Chris/ Pat’s bed. None of the young women are sleeping with any of the other young women, nor are any of the young men doing so.

Which of these situations – the one with the multiple young women or the multiple young men – would you say is more volatile?

*But not the same floor; Chris lives in the attic room, while Pat lives in the basement. These are incidentally, two separate houses in different cities, so there is no overlap between the characters.

We’re not allowed to know the genders of Chris and Pat?

Is that it?

until I got near the end I was going to say the less volatile would be the one with mail for roommates. :smiley:

It is more thatI, Skald the jackass, have opted not to specify their genders. Each poster may stipulate whatever he/she/it/they prefer to in that regards. What seems important to me is that we are contrasting the level of sexual/romantic jealousy among a group of women versus that among a group of men.

The one with multiple young women, for sure. They’re young, it’s about sex, and there’s lots of them together. I don’t think guys do drama the way young women do drama.

With a huge mile-high disclaimer that I am speaking in generalities, I’d say the group of women is more likely to be volatile than the men. It has been my experience that men can share sexual partners with less acrimony and drama than women can.

Women, for sure. Spend any time with young women and you will see it. They can be best friends one day, guy steps in and they are enemies. They can be extremely brutal to each other. I know this because I am a woman and have raised 2 young women.

I agree with the prevailing opinion: the house full of women will be more volatile. In my experience, women get much more jealous than men do. A woman will steal a man from her best friend. A man won’t. A man night *fuck *his best friend’s woman, but he won’t try to steal her away. That would be beyond the pale.

I would press the red button

Just going on generalities, my assumption is that it’s much more likely that the males of that age are going to be just enjoying the sex and it’s more likely that the women may have more romantic interests or feel possessive. The feelings are always going to be greater when there is romantic feelings than when there is simply lust.

I’m going to be going strictly stereotypes, but I’m assuming that if the males were gay, there would be a high chance that the men would be hooking up with each other. The fact that they aren’t would indicate that they are probably straight. Actually, I have no idea about that personally, just going by what Dan Savage and some of my gay friends have said about gay sexuality in general. I don’t know how it would work as roommates. Ultimately, I don’t know if that matters or not.

Sorry, but it’s a beyond silly set up. We aren’t told who’s zooming which sex, so;

If Chris is male and doing the girls in his house, his could be the drama winner.

If Pat is female and doing all the boys, that could be less drama, but more fist fights perhaps.

If Chris is female and doing the girls in the house, probably still drama.

If Pat is male and doing the boys in that house, I’m thinking this could out drama the girls.

But wait, what if it’s even stranger still? What if,
Chris / Pat is bi sexual or transgender?

I’m going with worst silly scenario proposed yet, even for Skald.