Which of those "before they were stars" roles do you actually remember seeing?

For some strange reason, I remember Matt Leblanc’s Heinz commercial. I also remember his role in Married, With Children, but the Heinz ad is the more appropriate one.

I also remember Zac Efron’s CSI: Miami role before High School Musical was a gleam in its producer’s eye.

Anyone else? (First roles that made them stars, like Cameron Diaz in The Mask, are out of the spirit of this, I think, especially if that project, like The Mask, was a big-time production.)

Leo DiCaprio on Growing Pains.

I actually remember when Dustin Hoffman did commercials for Volkswagens. And I remember John Travolta in a Band-Aid commercial and in one for MONY Insurance.

I remember Bruce Willis from that episode of Miami Vice.

I watched Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits.

I remember- “remember” not simply as “in retrospect can recall”, but “remember” as in they actually stood out and made an impression on me- both Courtney Cox and Campbell Scott on Family Ties.

Jennifer Aniston is still Ferris Bueller’s sister to me.

I believe that was Jennifer Grey

I remember Geena Davis on that show.

I remember seeing Alicia Witt on an episode of That’s Incredible when she was like 5 years old. Apparently she was some kind of genius who skipped several grades or something. I still remembered the name when I saw her in movies years later.

I remember Helen Hunt from a low-budget sci-fi movie called Trancers.

I beat that, I remember Courtney Cox from Misfits of Science.

To me, Soledad O’Brien will always be the Sun Microsystems Infogal from Nextstep on the Discovery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYZaz00oUt8

Tom Hanks’s two appearances on Family Ties as Ned Donnerly, Elyse’s brother, who stole a bunch of money to keep his company from buying another company that would fire all their employees and then became a drunk who punched out Alex but called AA after Stephen told him to leave his house and not to come back…Yeah, I remember that.

I do remember Matthew Perry’s appearances as Carol’s boyfriend who got killed in a drunk driving accident.

Yeah, but do you remember her from Buffalo Bill?

Sadly – or remarkably – I do.

I remember Brad Pitts’s two day appearance on the soap “Another World” as a high school basbetball player who convinced John Hudson, who had been a star college basketball player before being drafted and crippled in the Vietnam war and was now terribly embittered thinking that he could do nothing and was sick of living off his rich brother Michael, that he could still coach basketball.

George Clooney on Facts of Life. I thought he was a to-tal doo-fus. :smiley:

Years later- ER. Sigh.

How about as one of the bridesmaids in Pat Wilson’s “Bop Girl” video?

I liked watching both Vincent D’Onofrio and Tony Shalhoub rise from little-known actors to stardom. In Quick Change, I saw Shalhoub and said, “Hey, it’s Antonio!” Likewise, when Edgar The Bug made his appearance in Men In Black, I was surprised that Private Pyle had survived his head-wound.

George Clooney in the orginal E/R. And in a very good role in Roseanne, where he played wonderfully off of Laurie Metcalf’s Jackie.

Geena Davis in Buffalo Bill
Mark Hamill and Gary Busey in The Texas Wheelers.
Barbara Feldon in that advertisement where she sat on an animal print rug, and as a guest star in The Man From UNCLE (“The Never Never Affair” – one of the show’s best).
Robert Urich in Soap
Joanne Worley in The Mad Show (an off-Broadway show).
Bette Midler in Fiddler on the Roof (Broadway)
The Flying Karamozov Brothers at Novacon 9 West SF convention. They were paid $200 and passed the hat after the show.