Which of you male dopers fathered this young man? I know one of you did so fess up!

Time to man up and confess! I know it was one of you because it seems like something you would do. Say hello to your son!

Man, 18, conceived at N.Y. ‘K-Rock’ concert seeks biological father via Facebook

These were the bands at the 1996 K-Rockathon. Ring a bell? You know it does.

Not me. I’ve never been to a K-Rockathon. And I’m pretty damn sure I never fathered anyone.:wink:

Not I, I be a girl!

My real name is Jason and I was at the Syracuse K-Rockathon in 1996! But the girl I hooked up with was named Diana Rollins. Good luck finding your dad, Jette!

18 years ago? Not me. Now anyone born between 1972 and 1976 with an unknown father I could be guilty; most of that period in time is a little fuzzy around the edges and I was both attainable and affordable.

(Sounds better than admitting that I was easy and cheap.)

There were two guys named Jason in Seven Mary Three at that time. This may not be that difficult to track down.

My my, I could be wrong, but Devil Boy might just be the honey of generation, the home stretch result of a “punch in, punch out”. Lame or Lucky, make up your mind. In times like these, its anything but cumbersome or headstrong. This evening’s great excuse has gone away.

I’m pretty sure his mom would have mentioned it if he’d been in the band.

I was still puking from taking the “brown acid”…so it wasn’t me…

So you’re saying tracking them down wouldn’t be too…cumbersome?