Which one do you think would win in an arm wrestle match if they were real people?

Brawny from Brawny paper towel VS Mr. Clean from Mr. Clean multi-surface spray

Brawny. He’s iconic of strength. Mr Clean’s a big guy but his iconic image is cleanliness.

Yeah, Brawny would mop the floor with him.

My first thought was that Mr. Clean is a bodybuilder, but that Brawny is genuinely strong (I think he’s a lumberjack, no?). But on the other hand, there’s no indication that Brawny is anything more than human, while Mr. Clean is a genie.

Mr. Clean would be disturbed by sweat possibly staining his t-shirt, so he would give up. Mr. Brawny knows that some women like the smell of a sweaty man, so he would redouble his efforts.

Green Giant would wipe the floor with both of them.

I think it would be close, bordering on a draw, then a loud “snap” as Mr Clean suffered a fractured radius and ulna.

Maybe in his heyday Mr. Clean could have prevailed, but he looks like he’s getting on in years. Brawny could take him easily now.

He likes to fight dirty.

Possibly. But back in the day mean Mr. Clean would have kicked Brawny’s tush.