Which outdated customs should go?

If I were a homeowner in a place like that, I’d probably have my front lawn paved over just to spite the busybodies.

Don’t see the need. I prefer the temperature in Fahrenheit because it’s a broader scale than Celcius. We’ve pretty much changed to metric in products exported and science related stuff. No need to change 10 gazillion road signs. All the exit ramps are numbered based on miles as are the markers along the road. If I pass exit 60 heading West I know I’m 60 miles from the boarder and it’s an hour away at 60 miles per hour. changing that would be like switching which side of the road to drive on.

I have not Googled, but the moderate newspaper (seen in Canada as left-wing) also had an article condemning The Lancet’s choice of phrase. I think many women would not prefer the Lancet’s version, I trust the word to broadly include whomever so wishes when used in a general sense. Intent is probably still important when it comes to acting without due sensitivity.

Note you must have grass.

ETA: Check to see if you must have natural grass.

I posted in the wrong forum; regrets.

That’s another custom that needs to go. The wedding should be paid for by whoever agrees to pay for it.

My daughter got married and asked if we’d mind splitting the costs three ways: bride’s family, groom’s family, wedding couple.

Fun fact: everything was very DIY, so I was designing invitations, etc and paying for letterpressing them, groom’s mom picked up table decorations, bride spent a ton on alcohol… etc etc. When we got together afterwards with our total expenses, our amounts were so close we just called it even.

So, free advice: See if your kids’ll pitch in… and just say no to DIY weddings (unless you have LOTS of free time and patience).

We are onboard with the metric system. Scientist, medical professionals, mechanics, and others are perfectly comfortable using both the metric system. I don’t use the metric system daily, but just the other day I had no problem purchasing a physical good whose diameter and thickness was measured in millimeters.

“Getting on board” means outlawing “official” use of other systems. Read the outrage in the other thread over allowing goods to be sold in pounds.

Agreed, and maybe switch to A4 paper size while we’re at it. Only the US and Canada use 8.5 x 11.

Please, no more dueling anecdotes.

You have a positive experience. Don’t dismiss that others have had negative experiences.

You know, I’m working retail these days and I’m having, overall, a positive experience and plan to stay here (baring extreme changes) until retirement. Nonetheless, I recognize that other people have had dreadfully negative experiences and don’t try to tell them that they’re wrong - they’re not. Just because I’ve found a comfortable niche does not mean that’s the case for everyone else.

Likewise, you having a decent experience at Chi-Chi’s does not mean everyone did, or does. And, again, I find it very disturbing your acceptance that women can get more by flirting - you completely miss that the money element makes it less than completely voluntary. Or that women who aren’t as young or pretty can’t get that additional money even if they are equally competent, or even excellent, as wait staff.

But go ahead, continue to ignore actual studies, as well as dismissing those with different experiences. This is, after all, IMHO. You have yours. And I have mine.

Two of the people I mentioned upthread - one of my sisters and my old college roommate - are MD’s now. They don’t get holidays or weekends much of the time, either. Doctors’ hours suck even worse than waitstaff hours. Yet they are happy being doctors.

It’s not just the hours that makes it a “young person’s game”. And the lack of benefits for waitstaff is, frankly, outrageous. The people who prepare and serve our food should have sick days. If you can’t get behind that for their sake get behind it for YOUR sake. In 2005 I and a bunch of other restaurant patrons were made ill by a sick restaurant worker - in my case, I spent a week in the hospital, lost 30 pounds in a month, and took six months to fully recover. I don’t want sick people cooking or serving my food, and lack of sick time just encourages compels sick people to keep working. That’s just wrong, and bad for everyone.

I agree. Make no mistake about it, I agree that it is outrageous that people can work so hard and so long and still get no benefits, not even sick days.

But you yourself pointed out that waitstaff is merely one example of a workforce that has sucky hours, and that medical staff has it even worse. So too here. Waitstaff is merely one example of a workforce that is benefitless because of their “hourly” status, or whatever other thing might be the correct description. Many many other workforces have the same lack of sick days.

Please can we kill Adult Halloween. It’s a freaking kids’ holiday.

I resent the fuck out of taking my kids to events and being asked “and where’s your costume?” Uh… probably stored in a trunk? In my mother’s house? Where I haven’t lived for 30 years, because I’m a grown-ass adult?

A friend of mine was narc’d on by their next door* neighbor over an unapproved paint color (he didn’t present his color choices to the HOA board before painting, and was forced to repent (I mean, repaint). Ostensibly it was to please the color committee, but in reality a message to never bypass the bureaucrats. With the help of his attorney, they determined the language in the deed restrictions for decorative planters did not require pre-approval and limited him only in size and material (wood, ceramic, or stone).

So the next door narcs got a line of toilets along their property line with plants in them. Despite efforts by the ndn’s they were allowed to remain. Eventually ndn’s had to construct an additional fence to hide the “ceramic planters” from their dining room view. After the expensive fence went up, he removed the toilets.

He became my new hero – and I want him to run for mayor or something.

*Actual next door, not app.

I tend to agree with you here, but in my experience the number of people who understand how mile markers work is dwarfed by the number who think they are random, mystical, signifying nothing. Heck, when traffic reporters talk about an accident on the freeway, they’ll just say it’s near Abner’s Stump Road – this, on a system that may be hundreds of miles long – and never mention which mile marker it’s nearest, because that info doesn’t help most people. Whereas I’m trying to figure out whether Abner’s Stump is anywhere near the area of my own commute, and if they’d just say “Mile 50” I would know.

The problem with paper sizing is not the A4 but the many other A and B standardized measurements which are not used in North America.

That’s me! Or at least it was me for the first half of my life, until the system was explained to me on a Triptik® from the AAA.

My excuse is that I grew up in NJ, and I almost never traveled on any of the various highways that have numbered exits, other than the NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. The NJ Turnpike simply ignores the convention that Briny_Deep describes - Exits 1 and 18 are about 112 miles apart. And the Parkway has so very many exits, that while I was growing up I presumed that they were simply numbered sequentially, and the gaps were simply to allow new exits to be built in the future.

Didn’t know that about NJ Turnpike; that is simply perverse. In heavily built up areas with more than one exit per mile (I don’t know about the Parkway), you sometimes see Exit 221A and Exit 221B etc., to preserve the mile marker convention.

Perverse is a good word for it. Nicer people would call it bad planning or a lack of foresight.

One simple example: Exit 7 is at marker 53. Exit 8 is at marker 67. So when they added another exit at marker 60, what were they going to call it? They could have renumbered them, but instead they called it 7A. (Same story when they built Exit 6A midway between Exits 6 and 7.)