which play do you watch? Great acted middling script or vice versa?

I’m inviting, and paying for, you to see a play with me out of a choice of 2. Funnily enough both plays are in their last night so this is your last opportunity to watch. Play 1 has got some of the finest acting talent in the world, name the top 3 actors you like they’re all in it. However, the script is rumoured to be a rather middling affair, whilst not actually bad it’s not brilliant.

Play 2 is written by a collaboration of your favourite authors. Aparrantly it takes the best aspects of each’s writing style and combines them into a scintillating plot with crisp dialogue. However it’s being acted by a bunch of drama school droputs who, although they can memorize their lines and emote the right emotions cannot do it with any kind of skill. You’ll follow what’s going on but nobody’s giving a high performance. There are currently no plans to publish it as a book.
Which play do you want to see?

Edit, damn meant to put a poll but missed the checkbox.

I’d choose option 1. Great acting can turn even a mediocre script into something special.

I’ll go with option 1 also, though it’s tough. A great actor can find things in a play that the author didn’t know was there.

Some years ago I saw Mary Martin and Carol Channing in something called* Legends!* The show played more than 300 out of town performances but never made it to Broadway.

Both Martin and Channing were old, but they could still command a stage. Unfortunately, the show was so bad that all I could feel was pity that the two of them had been reduced to that.