Which political gridlock is preferable? Dem POTUS/GOP Congress or the opposite?

The opposite would be GOP POTUS/Dem Congress, of course.

There are other types of gridlock involving the House and Senate, no doubt. This question is worth considering since gridlock is almost inevitable these days (since the draconian Bush years and regarding the small time frame of several months when Democrats ran things in late 2009 before Scott Brown’s election killed the Dem filibuster proof majority).

Right now the economy is a huge issue. Looking solely at that issue I think back to Clinton and the GOP Congress he had to deal with from '95 to the end of his term. The economy was rolling along pretty well.

Whether Congress or the President are truly worthy of credit or blame for the overall state of the economy is a debatable proposition.

GOP Congress, Democratic President is definitely better, although it didn’t result in gridlock during the Clinton years. All it really prevented were big spending increases and big tax cuts. Otherwise, they cooperated on a lot of important legislation.

Not necessarily. It historically hasn’t been, but historically we haven’t had one party simply demonize and obstruct the other, either. Willingness to compromise is a fact of responsible leadership, and while we’ve certainly had lapses of that in the past, it does not typify our history.

Part of the problem is that for the first time Republicans actually want to cut the government, rather than just grow it a little slower.

When one party wants to grow it fast and the other slower, there’s room for compromise. It’s a lot harder when one party wants to grow it and the other party just doesn’t.

It’s almost impossible when one party has only an incoherent, inarticulatable idea that a particular approach is somehow good, but cannot translate that into an actual plan or an actual responsible strategy for implementing it.