Which prominent animal varieties have died out fairly recently in our history?

So I was reading the staff report:

What did cows evolve from?
and it got me interested.
It mentions that the ancestors of the cows (aurochs) were witnessed by Julius Caesar some 2000 years ago. Although efforts were made to save the species from extinction, they were wiped out (the last bunnch around 1627 in Poland).
This got me to thinking. Caesar maintains that they were only slightly smaller than an elephant (quite a bit larger than current bulls), strong and very fast. Maybe that’s what has got me hooked.
See I’m wondering how many other major species of animal have been wiped out within (oh I don’t know) the last 2000 years.

I know it’s difficult to quantify and even make guesses, but are there many known examples?

I would think the precursor to a bull would be one of them.

How about wolves? Or certain species of sharks? I’m picturing 20-foot-long great whites, but maybe that’s just an overactive imagination.

Since the potential breadth of this topic is so large, let’s try and put some limiters.
First, animals only. No plant species.

Second, the animals have to be of a certain size. Basically anything above a large houserat will do. So insect(s) or the like are out.

Third, stick to the region(s) of Europe and Asia. Primarily because I hear biodiversity is so wide-ranging in Africa (it’d be hard to keep track) and the history of the animal species in the America’s may not be as well documented. In any event let’s stick to Europe and Asia.

The dodo bird and the passenger pigeon, I think have been in the last few hundred years. I belive the dodo died out in the 1600’s

It’s not exactly a minimal number.

A few recent…

Pyrenean Ibex 1/00
Miss Waldron’s Colobus Monkey 10/00

The largest animal to become extinct within historical times is probably the Stellar’s Sea Cow, discovered by Europeans in 1741 and eaten into extinction within 30 years.

Other large mammals that have become extinct in historical times, such as the Caspian Tiger, the Quagga (a kind of Zebra), and the Tarpan (a kind of wild horse) have mostly actually been subspecies, not full species themselves.

A North American mammal that has become extinct is the sea mink, twice as large as the common mink, last seen in 1894. The Caribbean Monk Seal is also extinct.

The Thylacine, or Tasmanian “Wolf”, is also generally regarded as being extinct.

Several sub-species of wolf.
3 species or sub-species of Gazelle
3 sub-species of Tiger.
The Bluebuck
2 subspecies of Wisent
Several species or sub-species of Giant Tortise

But as you see- many are sub-species.

The rather large and clear extinctions (in Europe, Asia and America) are the Great Auk, the Dodo and Stellers Sea Cow.

Their are several birds that are near the size you specify- the Passenger pigeon and the Caroloina Parakeet are two well known ones.

Other large mammals that have become extinct within the last 2000 years include about 16 species of lemurs in Madagascar, plus a couple of species of hippos. Most of the lemurs were quite large, ranging from baboon to gorilla size. Another extinction in Madagascar during the same time period was the gigantic Elephant Bird.

Well if we are straying ofrm the requetsed Eurasian species into Australasia and Madagascar we shouldn’t forget the moa, adzebill, huia, Haast’s eagle and numerous other large (or fricken’ huge) bird species from New Zealand.