Which R.E.M. album should I buy?

I have Automatic for the People, Monster, Out of Time, and the soundtrack to “Man on the Moon.” Which of the band’s other albums should I definitely add to my collection?

Life’s Rich Pageant. Still one of their best.

Definitely their first (and in some ways still their best): Murmur.




The above suggestions are good. New Adventures in Hi-Fi ain’t bad, either.

Another vote for Murmur

I also liked Green a lot

Fables of the Reconstruction, Murmur, or Chronic Town.

Basically anything before 1987.

“Fables of the Reconstruction” remains one of my all-time favorites.

Driver 8, Wendell G, Maps and Legends, just a few of the great songs on that album. It definitely shows more of their alt-country side than later, more pop-oriented albums such as “Green” and “Document.” (The albums that made them big stars).

LRP. Can’t beat “These Days” with a stick.

Then Document.

New Adventures in Hi-fi!

Life’s Rich Pageant, then Murmur.

Murmer, Reckoning, Fables, Life’s Rich Pagent, Document.

Dead Letter Office… the CD version also contains their first album, Chronic Town

Yes, Dead Letter Office, then throw the rest away! :smiley:

A Must!

Delta-32 Skee-doo!

Green or Document. Green is better from beginning to end, but I’m a big fan of both “It’s the End of the World” and “The One I Love”, both on Document.


I owned all of them at one point but traded them all in except for Life’s Rich Pageant, which is one of the best albums ever recorded, and Green, which I listened to a lot in college.

Eponymous is a greatest-hits-so-far record, so that’d be a good choice if you know you’re only getting one.