Which Republicans of the past would be in the party today?

Teddy Roosevelt- Introduced many regulations on industry and took on corporate trusts. Set aside wilderness for protection. Probably not a current GOP.

Dwight Eisenhower- High high tax rates, huge infrastructure spending, internationalist foreign policy. Maybe still GOP.

Richard Nixon- Price controls, many new environmental regulations, diplomacy with Red China. Probably not a current Republican.

Abraham Lincoln- fought a war to demonstrate power of federal government to supercede states’ rights. Probably not in the party today.

None of them.

ETA: Nixon probably, because he came up with the idea of making the GOP the party of angry white men, but no one before him. Eisenhower is probably sinning (etaeta: that is too good a typo to fix) in his grave like a top in response to putting service people in harms way on a fool’s errand and the spending so much money on the military industrial complex.

Ronald Reagan.

Raised taxes.

Grew the federal government.

Granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Ran away from Muslim terrorist attacks in the Middle East. Ordered the US Marines to turn tail and flee from the Islamic terrorists.

Condemned Israel for bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

Two of his SC nominees voted to uphold Roe vs. Wade.

Made a deal to ensure the future of Social Security.

Negotiated to give away US military power with people he’d called the Evil Empire.

I dunno- maybe JFK would be a Republican today.

After all, he ran on a platform of tax cuts and building up our military (which, he claimed, that old peacenik softie Ike had neglected).

Perhaps Harding, Coolidge and Hoover would fit into today’s GOP well enough.

Come to think of it, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson were right-to-lifers in 1970. If they’d stepped into a time machine then and come out in 2010, how welcome would they be in the Democratic Party?

The current Senate Majority leader is pro-life, so presumably they’d do all right.

TR-Economic liberal, social conservative, very pro-military- hard to see him comfortable in either party.
Taft- Anti-trust, but free trade, pro-income tax, invaded a couple of Latin American countries, believed in originalism in judiciary- Moderate Republican
Harding and Coolidge- Small government conservatives-Definetly Republicans
Hoover- Pro-Tariff, free-spender, big believer in foreign aid- Democrat
Eisenhower- Fiscal conservative, lifelong military member- Republican
Nixon- Wage and Price controls, EPA, negotiated end to Vietnam War- Democrat
Ford-Mentor of Rumsfeld and Cheney- Republican

You may as well include Barry Goldwater as an “ex Republican”. He had “issues” with the Moral Majority types.

Yes, I think Barry Goldwater would not be a Republican today.