Which Satellite TV package offers the LEAST religious programming?

I want to get satellite TV, but every package looks like I have to buy a whole pile of crap just to get the handful of channels that I might actually want to watch. Of all the packages available on Direct TV and Dish Network, which package offers me the mathematically least amount of religious programming per dollar?

Do the religious channels pay to be part of the network or does the network pay the religious channel for their programming? I know that I can block the channels, but if I’m being forced to donate to these broadcasters, I want to pay the least possible amount.

those channels make so much money from the sucke… viewers , i seriously doubt that they are paid by DirecTV.

At least with digital cable, most of the religious channels are free with the most basic package. I suspect most of them are either supported by their particular church establishment (like EWTN or BYUTV) or are basically infomercials themselves (TBN, etc), so they don’t charge a subscription fee to the service provider.

But usually the services/packages that have the most religious channels will have all sorts of other oddball no-fee channels to like NASA TV, all the CSPANs and a bunch of University TV channels that might be of some interest to you at some point and its easy enough to block out the religious channels.