Which Senate Dem(s) do you think will vote for Trump's SCOTUS nominee?

We don’t even know who the nominee is yet (for at least a few more hours), but I wanted to see if anyone was bold enough to predict which Senate Dem(s), if any, might break ranks and vote for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. I think I’ve covered even the remotest possibilities, but if you think of someone I didn’t, feel free to vote “other” and tell me who you’re thinking of.

I suspect that Heitkamp and Tester will wait for Collins and Murkowski to move. When they do, those two will follow.

I’ll also offer that Collins and Murkowski will accept whatever nominee Trump offers.

Vulnerable Democrats in red-tinged states will be winked at by the Democratic leadership (i.e. told that they can vote to confirm without pissing off their own party) if it looks like the Republicans have the approval locked up anyhow, which they most probably do.