Which Shit is Faker: Dances with Wolves or Top Gun?

Fakes I’m gonna point out:

A lone wolf surviving in Buffalo Gap Nat’l Grassland. Wiki Wolf.

“Walks-with-Fuck-Hair”? with no kids? Bitch would be “Loose-Bitch-is-Havin’-Another-Papoose-and-Shit” and you know what I mean.

The “Have a Cup of Smallpox!”, scene, yeah, Indians never had anything sweet, shit was totally new. “Made gifts of coffee and sugar…”, then they went and opened a Starbucks. FU Costner, you whiny bitch.

F-er out on his horse with the Daisey Red Ryder and shit, droppin’ STAMPEDING BUFFALO (maybe put the F-er’s eye out or some shit,) and I can’t even spell ballistically improbable and shit.
By 1860’s the Lakota Tribe had *NO IDEA OF THE EXPANSION *of the Washichie and shit?

True in DWW: I forgot. Maybe the Black Hills are in South Dakota

Fakes in TOP SHIT:
Any scene with friendly and hostile aircraft in the same scene.
Any aircraft scene.
Multi squadron-patches on Mavdickheads jacket, yup he flys CAP, HeloRescue, ASHandTRASH, mail and shit and LookingGlass.
Dogfight scenes; see: Any and shit
Havin’ a chick with 0 hours in combat air patrol be the “Best of the Best” (see; 900 miles to Florida wearing a space-diaper), advisor with a PhD from Afterburner SNES Tech. FU Bitch.
“Crisis situation with inbound MIGs w/Excocets and shit, so we are flying you halfway around the world to intercept and shit, before they get there.” They got HOW close to a carrier in a Task Force and shit with 1 F-in’ plane flyin’ CAP?

True in Top Shit: I’d rather have our Navy that them stupid pirate Fuckers they got overwhereverthatshitis. I first saw this while at GLakesNavTrnbase and shit that ain’t there anymore.

This may be the best IMHO thread ever. Nice job sir.

That is word-for-word my Master’s thesis. Even the title. Eerie.

What, no “Dude, don’t post while chemically altered” choice? Bummer.

It would be a hell of a lot easier to answer the OP if it was, like, coherent or something.

I believe that should be coherent and shit.

Top Gun is faker, ‘cos IRL Tom Cruise is fake and shit.
Don’t be hatin’ on the 'powz. :wink:

I burning your poll and shit.

Top Gun is faker because Kelly McGillis is a lesbian but the movie made me believe she would fuck me if I joined the Navy. That was 4 years down the drain.

Stop hating on Spock man!

OMG!! I honestly had no idea it was the same poster! ROFLCOPTER!

shit shit shit shit shit

and like, shit

Couldn’t there be another option about what a twit Tom Cruise is? I really like observing what a twit Tom Cruise is.

I don’t know, but now I want to see the movies Top Wolves and Dances With Guns!

So…after watching Tom Cruise beat Val Kilmer in the finals of the Homoerotic Beach Volleyball Tournament, you concluded that your best chance to get laid by a beautiful lesbian is to join the Navy and ship out?

A lot of good band names in this thread.

Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner need to make a movie together and shit.

Professionally speaking …

Top Gun was close to the most fake movie ever made. A Simpsons or South Park episode involving aliens is closer to reality. And Tom Cruise is the most pussy / wimp leading man Hollywood has thrown up in decades. How the hell he ended up playing macho characters is incomprehensible to me. And that’s not even considering his real life.

I think our OP is a bit shall we say, fired up, on this topic but he makes perfect sense.

Top Gun: totally like shit … an shit.

The original silent version was better.

A jet jockey with a Seabee patch on his leathers? WTF? Unless you got a plumbing problem and shit in your jet, those dudes don’t do airplanes.