Which SIM for my America trip?

On landing in America in August I’ll be looking to purchase a SIM for an American network for my mobile phone. Uses will be a few calls, emergency use, and data. I’ll be over for less than a month. So, which SIM should I buy?

I’m landing in Bozeman, then proceeding gently south on an eclipse / nature trip taking in Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Meteor Crater, and more and finishing in Phoenix. I’m spending two nights there and then heading to Washington DC for 5 days.

I am not familiar with offerings to tourists but my wife and I both use pre-paid monthly plans (as opposed to an annual contract).

Many month to month plans are stingy on data and speed, so shop carefully. We use StraightTalk which uses the AT&T network so coverage is good.

You need to check what frequencies your phone supports. A phone bought in the UK likely doesn’t support the networks used by Sprint, Verizon, or the resellers that use their networks. That helps neck down the options.

A more in depth look here. They generally recommend a pay as you go UK based SIM from Three and roaming as one of the better deals.

ETA - You might want to look at coverage for whatever option you go with as well. In some rural areas that can make a big difference if you actually expect data for a smart phone.

If he gets Straight Talk, he’ll have 5 GB data, but also be spending $45. Yes, I know technically it’s unlimited, but they throttle you down from 4G after you’ve used 5 GB. That may be more than he’ll need or want to spend for less than a month. He could go with a $30 plan which some carriers have and get 1 GB of data if he doesn’t want to spend much.

It’s a Lumia 950 so it looks like I’m good for 4G…

I was hoping you folks could help me there.

5 GB should be more than enough. I’ll be trying to use hotel wifi as much as possible.