Which slasher movie villain would you rank as 4th best?

The upcoming release of Halloween 2018 has me thinking about slasher movies. I think most fans of slasher movies would rank Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger as the top three slashers. Which villain would you rank in fourth place? You can chose whatever criteria you prefer to determine you’re favorite body count, number of movies, creativity of their killings, etc. What makes that particular villain your fourth favorite? If you think someone beats out one of the three I mentioned, feel free to bring that up as well.

Candy Man. Well he’s more of ahooker than a slasher, but you’ll end up just as dead. Plus he has bees.

Candyman. There aren’t enough SoCs (Slashers of Colour) And Tony Todd is one of the genre greats. That voice!

Ha! Jinx!

I think you basically nailed the top three. At number four I think I would go with Ghostface, from the Scream franchise. Even though it’s not the same person throughout, the way the character is played when masked is consistent enough to qualify as a single slasher in my mind. And the character is instantly recognizable, has been widely parodied, and is a part of 2 really fun horror movies and also… some other horror movies.

As my 2nd pick - does Pinhead the Cenobite count as a slasher? I’d say yes.

I wouldn’t call Hellraiser a slasher movie/series… To the extent that some of them can fall into the genre, I still wouldn’t call the Cenobites slasher villains - the slasher element is generally held by human villains. They and Freddy do bleed into the same realm, but Freddy will finish you off after toying with you for a little while…the Cenobites are nowhere near that merciful/cruel (as if they see a difference).

I think Leatherface is probably the best candidate for #4.

Ghostface and Candyman are good choices, too, and let’s throw in Chucky, too.

For an outside bet, Billy from Black Christmas, being one of the earliest.

I was going to say Chucky. And I base this on popularity. Ghostface is a pretty good answer too, though.

Another vote for Chucky.

From the perspective of someone who doesn’t like slasher movies (though I recognize how good the first Halloween was), Leatherface is the one who comes to mind as the 4th most recognizable slasher villain.

For that matter, wasn’t Jason not always Jason, behind the mask?

Twice. Or three times, depending how you want count ‘same guy’.

In the original, the killer was Jason’s mom, getting revenge for his (apparent) death.

Jason first showed up (without his iconic mask) in 2, and met his actual death in 4.

In 5, there was a copycat.

He was resurrected in 6, and was the undeniable antagonist of the rest of the series up through Jason Goes to Hell.

There is some…unclarity whether Jason and Uber Jason from Jason X should be considered the same character. Though OG Jason is definitely a threat early on, and it’s kind of a distinction without a difference, really, IMO.

Freddy vs Jason and the remake both have Jason-Jason.

No one wants to consider the possibility that imagination might produce a greater impact than seeing all the blood? Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho

I should probably explain this choice, huh?

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the longer series - fewer than Halloween or Friday the 13th, but even with Nightmare on Elm Street, and barely edging out Child’s Play - no other series even comes close to those 5.
  2. Leatherface has an iconic look, like Jason, Freddy, Michael, and even Chucky - but, IMO, only he, Jason, and Freddy are suitably horrifying in appearance taken in isolation.
  3. TCM is one of only two slasher franchises to freak me out without my ever having seen them (a TV show demonstrating how they did one of the FX in TCM 2, and the poster for Nightmare both fucked me up to the same level actually seeing parts of The Hills Have Eyes 2 did).

The Puppet Master series does not get enough love so I’m going with that. The actual slasher would be Blade i guess? that was the main puppet.

If I felt like being really very bold, I might even argue that Chucky replaces Michael Myers in the top three in terms of pop culture notoriety today. I definitely think he’s as recognizable, if not more so. After all, Freddy, Jason and Chucky are the only slashers to have Ready Player One cameos.

Another vote for Norman Bates.

And another. It’s quite unsettling when we find him in his mother’s clothe near the end of the film. And his voiceover describing his thoughts in his cell just downright creepy.

Can’t wait for Halloween 2018. Looks fantastic!

Some more candidates: The Tall Man from Phantasm or Terry O’Quinn’s character in The Stepfather.

The first Wishmaster movie was better than I’d expected. As was Jigsaw in the first Saw movie.