Which specialty physician from this list performs a vasectomy?

I need to trim down the huge list of doctors in my PPO to just the ones that cover a vasectomy, and the only way to do that is to provide a smaller list of “specialty” doctors that performs this sort of thing. I’ll be too old to have sex by the time I hear back from my internal Benefits group about this, so I appeal to my speedy Dopers. (Is there a Qadgop in the house)?

I’ve weeded out the ones I’ve heard of and know aren’t the ones. (Feel free to make fun of my ignorance by mocking what I have included below, but I honestly don’t know the first thing about this medical stuff. I’m never sick, and the last time I went to the doctor other than for sports injuries was about 15 years ago).

So, here we go: From this list, which specialty physician provides “elective sterilization” services? I can choose more than one but I want the list to be as narrow as possible.

Behavioral health
Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Family Planning Center
Family Practice Specialist
General Practice
Internal Medicine
Medical Clinic
Multi-Specialty Physician Group
Preventive Medicine
Public health
Pulmonary Medicine
Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation
Urgent Care

Thanks in advance.

My husband’s was performed by a urologist.

Yes, it would be a urologist.

This is the list I came up with:

Family Planning Center
Family Practice Specialist
General Practice
Medical Clinic
Public health

Your best bet is either the Family Planning Center or the Urologist. Those two probably have the most experience and are also likely have specialty settings for doing the procedure.

Ah. Urology. Urine. I get it. Heh heh.

Thanks for your help - and in three minutes! Reason # 1,562 why this board rocks.

I love the idea of a Maxiofacial surgeon giving you a vasectomy:

“you’re going to go in from where?!”

“you heard me, now open REAL wide!”

Looks like there is a Q.E.D.gop in the house instead :smiley:

Many Family Practitioners also do the procedure.


Thanks Qadgop.

Would there be a benefit using a “Family Practice Specialist” over a Urologist? I don’t already have a doctor, so I’m just going to pick one or the other that happens to be in my PPO from the medical center near my house.

Dooku, it mainly depends on who’s paying. FP’s will often do it cheaper (yet just as well) as urologists. If your out of pocket costs are the same no matter what, just make sure the doc doing it does them regularly, then go for whichever doc is most convenient.