Which Stadium Is Used in The Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a drama on CBS this fall. A lot of the show takes place at the home of the fictitious New York Empires baseball team

What MLB stadium is standing in for Empires Field? It looks vaguely like Dodgers Stadium, but the outfield seating is different. It also looks reminiscent of Shea Stadium, but the colors are wrong. Also, one exteriror shot looked vaguely like Busch Stadium, minus the arches around the top rim.

Anyone know?

The pilot was Dodger stadium. The rest of the show is done on a sound stage with compter generated fans.


In the pilot there were a couple of shots from the batter’s box toward the outfield. The outfield seats didn’t have that roof-like structure that Dodger’s Stadium does. Did the use a different stadium for the outfield shots?

Here is a link with more information.


Thanks, Haj. They did a very impressive job, I’d say.