Which Star Tours installments have you ridden?

As you may know, STAR TOURS is a ride featured at Disneyland since 1987. That first incarnation lasted about two decades before it was revamped into STAR TOURS: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE.

While the first ST was a fixed ride–always exactly the same–the newer version has a randomizing element, so that 13 different elements are assembled in an assortment of combinations. These 13 elements are broken into 4 stages of the ride:

(1) Introduction and Escape
(2) First planet visit
(3) Hologram message
(4) Second planet visit and conclusion

So, for those of you who have gone on the ride (either once or many), which portions did you experience? Since most of these variations are available on YouTube, I don’t mean simply which ones you have seen, but which you have personally encountered on your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

I’ve listed the elements by their stages (1-4) and I’ve also cited the film or films that they are inspired by (Ep.X).


Just the original, both Disneyland and WDW.

I rode the original in Orlando waaaaaaay back when I first went as a kid. Now that I live here, and the movie changed, I’ve had a handful of experiences, but none of them cool.

I’ve only done scenes from eps 1-3. Where is my Hoth dammit!

Fun fact: I haven’t had the honor to see it, myself, but apparently the Star Tours in Tokyo Disneyland recycled some of the footage (from the “Choose Your Tomorrow” ending section) from Epcot’s “Horizons” ride to add a couple of more settings, the futuristic Mesa Verde desert farm, and the in-space Omega Centauri segment.

Just want to say I rode the ride again this weekend and got the scene above Coruscant AGAIN for the THIRD DAMN TIME