Which Star Wars fan theories do you hope are true?

So there’s already lots of discussion about the merits & demerits of TFA - that’s not the goal here. I want to hear your theories about where the next movies will take us.

Upon leaving the theater, I commented to Mrs. Mongoose that I felt they’d taken some storytelling cues from later Harry Potter films, and that I thought that was a good thing - at its heart, Star Wars is all about wizards, magic, and adventure. Along with that, and a little of de-helmeted Kylo’s appearance, led me to ponder if he’s a Snape - deep within the evil organization, to the point of having to kill a beloved figure to finally bring them down. If Han knows, it makes his death that much more poignant.

There’s been an article circling the Internet with the same general idea. I like it quite a lot, as it changes the meaning of Kylo wanting to “finish what Vader started” - when he killed the Emperor.

I rate this at about a 20% likelihood of being true.

What “twist” are you hoping to see in XIII or IX, and how likely do you rate them?

I’d love to see the Snoke Is Jar Jar thing happen, but it seems crazy unlikely.

As much as I loved it, TFA was essentially a Remake of Star Wars. I hope that the sequel is not a remake of ESB and goes off in its own direction.

I am a firm believer in the theory that Palpatine was Anakin’s father and created him by manipulating the midichlorians in the same way that he claims Darth Plagueis was able to.

Other than that, I got nothin’.