Which Startrek Ship would u drive to the store & why?

If I wanted an SUV, I’d get the Voth mothership.

If I wanted style, I’d go with a Romulan Warbird.

If I wanted class, I’d get a fully decked-out Runabout (those things have the best safety ratings in all of Star Trek).

And if I wanted sportiness, I’d get either an Akira or a Sovereign.

I like Excelsiors, but my wife calls them flying toilet bowls. They remind me of a big ole Cadillac somehow. For funky compacts, I’d go with a Miranda or a Nebula. Sort of a old Beetle/new Beetle thing. And if I needed to blast myself a parking spot or 4, I’d drive a Cardassian Galor. It’s kind of like a Unimog.

It’s the tail fins.