Which Startrek Ship would u drive to the store & why?

Very odd idea, not sure why I thought of this but…

I would take the Defiant, manouvarable, easy to park and Worf would make a great shopper. Noone is gonna get in his way when he goes for the last bottle of JD on the shelf.

I think I might go and lay down now, I think I’m having a strange day!


**Parking a Starship might prove more trouble than its worth **

As for this, I would drop in w/ a Borg cube. After I pulled the parking brake (strangely enough, this ol’ dog has a disturbing tendency to roll) and I’d release the collective force of the Borg upon the store to find me some delectables. :wink:


And my talent for posting rears its ugly head…:rolleyes:

I’d take Tom Paris’s Delta Flyer–get there and back home fast!

although I think it was destroyed, I’d take the Rubicon, one of the early DS9 “Runabout” spaceships. The Rubicon specifically b/c I like the name, but the runabout was cool. Like the party van of the shuttlecraft. It’s small but you can fit all your crew in them with room for a few kegs.’

But it’s a close crowd, not like a Borg ship, so there’s plenty of beer to go around :smiley:

I’d take a Warbird and I’d park it across 3 spaces. You can bet nobody would key that bad boy!

The Prometheus. I just want to split the thing into three pieces and watch the gawkers.

A Romulan Warbird.

I could park it in the fire lane and no one would notice (unless they ran into it). Fast in, fast out.

The NCC-1701.? Any shuttle from CST
Ya they may be boxy and old, but for crusin’ night to D&D pizza, I’d have to old machine lovers droolin’. And it sure would look better than most eurostyle aerodynamic potatoe mobiles designed by Detroit over the last decade.
Besides, with Mr. Scott as my mechanic, No one would beat me on an uphill climb. " I con’t geeve ya enney moor Lass. Ach me porr barins!"

Seconded on the Borg ship. You could play Almighty Parking Enforcer with that puppy. Also assimilate people who leave their dog in their car with the windows rolled up.

The Fesarius, even though I know that before I got into the store, ten people would tell me I had left my lights on.

The Tholian ships. I could set 'em on automatic while shopping, and they would gummy up all the other ships in the parking lot so I would have no competition for getting to the exit.

A ferengi ship, with a full complement of crew. You gotta know you’d get some major bargains.

A Borg cube. A big ol’ Borg cube.

An Oberth class ship, since I’m a scientist and all.


I’ll second the Runabout choice. It wouldn’t go too fast, and it’d be easy to park. Plus, I never buy too many groceries at a time, so I know what I bought would fit!

The Time Ship that Red Foreman captained during Voyager’s Year of Hell. I could buy munchies from civilizations that wouldn’t exist after the next shift. “The store was called 8-Twelve and the colas were all light green, but there’s nothing like sardine-flavored Doritos when your going on a roadtrip!”

Bah! I’d take the Tardis to the store. No problem finding a parking space that it’ll fit in and I would be sure my groceries wound fit, no matter how much I bought.

A Klingon Bird of Prey, of course. Why park NEXT to someone when you can just cloak and park on TOP of them?


I would just beam the stuff I needed from the store straight to my house.