Favorite Fictional Spacecraft?

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non-space vehicles from fiction are discussed.

How 'bout spaceships from fiction?

My favorite is the Eagle class ship from Space:1999.

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I’m also fond of Flash Gordon’s rocket from the old Republic serials.

Tell me what you like in a ship, & give us an image link, so we can see what it’s like. (It’s only a Google Image search away…)

I always thought the little runabout in Voyager was pretty cool.

The Heart of Gold, definately.

The Tie Fighter and the A-wing.

Dr. Who’s Tardis, of course, which has the added advantage of being both a space ship and a time ship!

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer. It is the epitomy of cool.

I have two, both from Star Trek.

The first is the Federation’s Prometheus class starship, as seen in Voyager and the second is the Romulan Empire’s D’deridex class Warbird, which first appeared in The Next Generation’s first season finale.

I screwed those URLs up.

Prometheus: http://www.shipschematics.net/startrek/images/federation/tacticalcruiser_prometheus.jpg

D’deridex: http://www.shipschematics.net/startrek/images/romulan/battlecruiser_zv1B.jpg

Exactly what I thought when I read the thread title…

AND it occupies at least two dimensions so I seem to remember an Olympic sized pool in there!

The Defiant was one of my biggest favorites from Star Trek DS9.

Defiant: http://www.shipschematics.net/startrek/images/federation/escortcruiser_defiant1.jpg

The Defiant was one of my biggest favorites from Star Trek DS9.

Defiant: http://www.shipschematics.net/startrek/images/federation/escortcruiser_defiant2.jpg

I liked the Russian ship from “2010”. The big balloons used for the atmospheric braking were cool.

Enterprise A

Jupiter 2



The rocket from the 1980’s Flash Gordon movie, because it was so stupidly designed. Why, Dr Zarkov, did you design and build a ship that would kill you if you operated it alone?

Anyone who’s seen my non-spacecraft list will be unsurprised to see the SDF-1 here.

The Defiant.

The BIG ass ship from the opening scene of Spaceballs. “We Brake For Nobody.” The hero’s Winnebago-ship as well.

Two from Peter Hamilton’s Naked God trilogy. The bitek Edenist habitats (Tranquility and Valisk rule!), and the ships that the race of beings that lived entirely on pieces fabricated from old, derelict ships (from the final book) that used them to fly into their sun to mine it’s energy.

The Puppeteers mobile rosette of five planets locked in formation from Ringworld.

Hey, I’d fly ANYTHING… if it had a General Products hull.

Guaranteed against ANYTHING except visible light… and antimatter!

From H2G2: Heart of Gold with the infinite improbability drive, which is the most original idea for a space drive I’ve ever run across.

Cylon Basestar

The Serenity.

The Planet Express ship from Futurama.

The Satellite of Love from MST3K. All the movies you’d ever want, too.