Best starship?

When taking into account armament, maneuverability, speed, crew compliment, etc., which is the best all around starship?
Battlestar Galactica,
Imperial Star Destroyer,
or Soverign class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

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for IMHO

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My choice would be Sovereign class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E.

Or Jefferson. (starship) :smiley:

Aren’t trivial opinion polls about pop culture better suited for the IMHO forum?

Besides, you are completely ignoring the Heart Of Gold with its Improbability drive, or any of Kimball Kinnison’s ships, or the 93-million mile long ships kept in null-space by the Instrumentality and only brought out when there is a serious threat to the stability of mankind.

You kids have no sense of history.

The Heart of Gold is a good choice. How about the Red Dwarf or Millennium Falcon? The USS Reliant NCC-1864 had elegant lines. The medical frigate from Empire Strikes Back always fascinated me.

But personally, I prefer the Dark Star, from that great old John Carpenter flick of the same name.

Anyway, to IMHO with ye.

Oh goody :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to point out, it’s been done, before, at least the Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer thing- check here. Or here. Or [url="]here. Or even [url="] here.

Personally, if it’s open to any fictional starship, I say the Macross takes 'em all down. But that’s just me.

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I’ll save the GQ mods some work here. Off to IMHO ya go.

Oh and the answer is the spacecraft manned by dolphins that attacked the Satellite of Love.

Bah. Any Culture ship can blow the doors off your puny vessels.

Better names, too.

I am particularly fond of:

General Contact Unit (GCU) Nervous Energy
GCU Of Course I Still Love You
GCU It’ll be Over by Christmas
GCU Fate Amenable to Change (River Class)

General Systems Vehicle (GSV) No More Mr. Nice Guy
GSV Anticipation of a New Lover’s Arrival, The (Plate Class)
GSV Sleeper Service (Plate)
GSV Honest Mistake

Rapid Offensive Unit (ROU) Killing Time (Torturer Class)
dROU Frank Exchange of Views (Psychopath Class)
dROu Xenophobe

Confused? Go here:

And follow the link labeled “Subculture”

An Archangel-class Torchship, of course.

[sub]What, I can’t be the only Dan Simmons fan here, can I?[/sub]

Klaatu verata nikto.

If we’re talking Doc Smith, the Skylark of Valeron would eat any GSV you care to name for breakfast.

Archangel-class Torchship? Call me Mister Wimpy, but I prefer a mode of transport that isn’t instantly fatal to its passengers…

::cracks knuckles:: This looks like my territory. Step back, amateurs.

I’m not too familiar with the Galactica. I was just a wee pup when the show was around. So I’ll ignore it for now and allow someone more learned on the subject deal with it. So, for the basis of this comparison, I am focusing on the Star Destroyer and the Enterprise-E only. T’hell with all this “Well, what about such-and-such, and so-and-so, and whatchamacallit…” crap. :smiley:

Now, I’ll be separating the judgements for both ships (A standard Imperial-Class Star Destroyer and the USS-Enterprise-E) in several categories…

SIZE (I’m using this as my source):

The Star Destroyer is definitely much larger. The Enterprise-E comes in at 685 meters, the ISD comes in at 1600 meters. So there’s definitely more space to do stuff in for the ISD. Not much dispute here. The ISD wins.


However, the space on an ISD is primarily composed of military quarters. If you intend on using the thing as a luxury liner, intense reconditioning of the interior would be needed.

However, there IS evidence of higher-officer’s quarters being much more extravagant than the enlisted men’s, so it’s not ALL barracks-quality rooming.

The Enterprise-E’s interior space, however, is not as known to us as the D’s, but based on classical Trek interior designs, even for much smaller ships like the Defiant, we can assume that quarters/spacing is much more opulent.

While the ISD certainly makes better usage of it’s available space (boxes stack better than circles), that’s only a plus when you require spartan roomings. The Enterprise wins this one.


This one’s simple: Hyperspace travel is much faster than Warp travel, so the ISD takes the cake for FTL. However, Impulse engines and structural integrity fields have shown the Enterprise to be capable of moving much faster at STL speeds and maneuvering. However, since this only comes in handy in obstacle courses (which are sparse in space), the overwhelming potential speed of hyperspace allows the ISD to win out over Impulse drive.


Very simple, too: As I’ve said above, boxes stack better than circles. A lot of the design in a standard Trek vessel is wasted space (do private quarters NEED to have twelve-foot-high ceilings?). Plus, they seem to put vital systems access panels at random locations around the ship, which would make maintenance a bitch. Overall, you can save more money (per cubic foot) with maintaining an ISD than the Enterprise-E. ISD wins.


My personal opinion is that an ISD looks like a massive cart of death, while the Enterprise looks like a flimsy paper starship. However, I’m objective enough to know that the ISD is also very blocky, chunky, and oftentimes dirty. A lot of it’s interior lighting can be harsh. The Enterprise, by comparison, has graceful curves that are easy on the eyes. The lighting is generally “cooler”, and it’d be more fun to walk around in it. Plus, the addition of a holodeck (admittedly, it seems to break down half the time) gives it a few plusses just for it’s potential for X-rated fun. Enterprise wins big time here.


Depends on what you want to do. If you want to be kicking around the galaxy in the Monster-sized muscle-car of the day, you take the ISD (faster, bigger, stronger). However, if you wanna be zipping around in a mobile Swiss-Army-Knife, closing errant quantum fissures and shooting out Dechyon particles willy-nilly, you take the Enterprise.

My opinion: Who the hell gives a damn about Dechyon beams? Take the Star Destroyer.


Let’s face it, these are supposed to be warships. An ISD can fry the surface of planets. The Enterprise-E has trouble fighting ugly punks with too many facelifts. Winner? ISD.


Face it… a big ship needs a big crew. The Enterprise-E could, theoretically, be flown by a single person (for a short time). Same with an ISD (Boba Fett flew one in The Bounty Hunter Wars… I know, a shitty trilogy, but he flew one). However, to MAINTAIN the ship, you need far fewer people in the Enterprise. So it wins this one.


The calculations given here demonstrate the abilities of Phasers. The calculations given here demonstrate the abilities of Turbolasers. While both are disputed figures, they put Turbolasers as much more powerful. And the ISD just has more guns overall.

I’m tempted to give this to the ISD, but since these figures are disputed, I’ll ignore it.

Based on this scoring system, the Star Destroyer is a better ship, whether you want to conquer worlds, explore the galaxy, or just look cool as hell. But if you want to kick back in a flying bean-bag chair, well… there’s the alternative.

(But, since I don’t want to have to deal with any crew at all, just give me a Firespray-class ship… you know, the thing that Boba Fett flew around in?)

I’m solidifying my position as Head Nerd of the SDMB!

Oops… my Phaser/Turbolaser comparison links lead to the same place. Damn frames!!

Anyway, click on “Technology”, then find the “Beam Weapons: Phasers vs Turbolasers” part. Sorry 'bout that.

I’m glad Steve Wright and DrFidelius weighed in and mentioned ships conceived by E.E.Smith. As was said, some people have no sense of history. I guess though that the problem is that THESE days he is not considered “Politically correct”( an awful term).

These would all be beaten by any warship in a General Products hull.

Just watch out before you set it down on an antimatter planet, GP hull or not…(Said story includes a wonderful “I told you so” paragraph, bTW)


For a capitol ship I’ll take the original Enterpirse NCC-1701 you gotta love the decor.

For general tooling around with a few friends or family I would the the Millennium Falcon.

For a single seat I was always fond of the A-Wing.
I also think the Discovery (2001) was a pretty cool ship with the big hampster wheel and all.

Fie upon your A-wing. The Y-wing is clearly the superior long-range fighter. Though slower and less manuverable, the Y-wing carries a much more impressive arsenal, adding ion cannons to the A-wing’s lasers and photon-torpedo launcher. The Y-wing also takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Sure, the Y-wing doesn’t really have a prayer of engaging a TIE Interceptor in a dogfight, but if you can’t shoot the damn thing, you can just plow into it instead, and keep right on going.

I think the Skylark Duquesne would eat any of those other ships for lunch. Anything powerful enough to cruise from one end of the known universe to another within a few months and still have enough zip to destroy planets has my vote. Oh, and I think I recall that it was roughly the size of the Death Star. Score 1 for Doc. Roddenberry and Lucas, zip. :smiley: