Favorite fictional vehicles? (NOT including spacecraft)

…to repeat, NO spacecraft. No U.S.S. Enterprise (A, B, C, D, or E); No Millenium Falcon; no U.S.S. Discovery.

Alien vehicles still acceptible, but only if they’re only capable of operating within a planetary atmosphere.

With that out of the way…what are your favorite fictional vehicles? Aircraft; cars; (ocean going) ships; military or civilian, you name it.

My personal favorites? The Tim Burton-era Batplane and Batmobile.

After them, the Colonial Marine UD-4 “Cheyanne” dropship. Never leave home without one. :wink:

So…any other favorites?

The Mach 5.

Speeder Bikes.

A reliable 1960’s era British sports car (including fully functional electrical system).

The Tron bikes.

Automans’ car.


Does the TARDIS count as a spacecraft?

The Wacky Races conveyances, especially the Convert-A-Car and Bullet-Proof Bomb.

Hiro Protagonist’s Deliverator car from Snow Crash.

A Star Wars AT-AT walker, especially during my morning commute.

Thunderbird 2.

The Proteus from “Fantastic Voyage.”

The Flying Fish (flying mini-sub) from “Voyage to See What’s on the Bottom.”

Little Nell, Bond’s gyrocopter in, “You Only Live Twice.”

James Bond’s Aston Martin.

There was this yellow submarine in a movie that I once saw. What was the name of that movie again?

And does that sub qualify as a spacecraft?

The Gadgetmobile!

Dr. Claw’s car, too.

The time traveling Delorean from Back to the Future. Runs on garbage, capable of hovering and flying, and it can travel through time! Plus, it’s a delorean!

Professor John Frink’s flying motorcycle.

The Monkee Mobile!!!

The flycycles from Larry Niven’s Ringworld. Like a big airborne motorcycle, with kitchen and restroom facilities. And airbags. Those things were safe.


Ark II…Ark II

My namesake, the Icerigger Slanderscree…Alan Dean Foster’s Icerigger

An Evangelion Unit(Specifically Unit 01, with the S-2 core, don’t want a power cord, althought the paint job needs to be changed.), from the anime ** Neon Genesis Evangelion ** A giant robot with a nuke-proof force-field, and and infinite power source- perfect for doing whatever the hell I want.

Spacecraft? No.

Spacedcraft? Most definitely.

Veretech Valkyries and Alphas, Robotech.
Cyclones, ditto.
Regult and Glaug battlepods, also Robotech.
The Nautilus - LXG comic version.
Final Fantasy airships, all of them from VI on.