Which states are most well known across the pond?

If I were to ask the average Joe across the pond to name off as many US states as he (or she) could. Which states would like come up the most often?

I’m guessing: California, Texas, New York and Florida.

I’d add Illinois, although it’s mainly Chicago that people in the U.K. are familiar with
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From here across the Pacific ditch, and I promise I’m not googling, I’ll try to rattle off as many of the US states that I can:

Arizona, California, Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, Washington, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Georgia, New England, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Connecticut, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Wyoming…

That was 5 minutes worth of brain-stretch.

Now, for the 'Merkins, how many states (and territories) can you name in Australia? :smiley:

I actually wouldn’t expect Illinois, the state, to be all that well known. Chicago, yes. (Back in the 80s, it was “Oh, you’re from Chicago? Al Capone!” Then in the 90s “Michael Jordan!”) But I’d be surprised if most people would know it was in Illinois.

Well, there’s only like seven of them, right? Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria, and then I get lost. (Looks it up: Oh, well, they have quite generic names, so I can’t be faulted.)

Not bad at all. I’m often impressed at how much foreigners know about the U.S., especially those things that really don’t impact them in any way.

However, New England is not a state. It’s a region in the northeast (I’ve heard some quibbles over the exact boundary) that share something of a common geography and history. The states are so small that travel from one to another is commonplace; it’s not unusual to live in one New England state and work in another.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania,…

New England is actually composed of the six most northeastern states, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

If I can’t sleep I will sometimes try to list all the US States. I am pretty good up to about 45, then I really falter, and the one I usually completely forget is Delaware.

I then try to remember the two-letter abbreviations.

Luckily I am asleep before I attempt capitals, because that ain’t ever gonna happen.

I do know there are eight States that begin with M. Maine (ME), Minnesota (MN), Mississippi (MS), Maryland (MD), Montana (MT), Michigan (MI), Missouri (MO), and Massachusetts (MA).

In recent years, I’ve identified myself as being from Texas. I don’t even have to say America, just Texas. Most people responded with cowboy or western movie allusions, and I have to explain that its all oil now. I also have to add that I’m the only Liberal in Texas – the world doesn’t see right-wing America in a very good light, and associate it with Texas.

Top three I’d imagine would be…Florida, California, Texas

Bottom three…Rhode Island, Delaware, Wisconsin

All the others somewhere in the middle

That’s the most common definition, but I knew someone in eastern Pennsylvania who swore that was part of New England. It’s not an official designation, so I don’t know if anyone can establish an official boundary.

Also eight that start with N; four News, two Norths, Nebraska, and Nevada.

It is the official designation. Your friend in Pennsylvania is wrong.




Maps of New England.

Official from whom? It’s not a state, it’s not a time zone. discovernewengland.org may find it convenient to refer to New England that way, but whence comes the imprimatur to define it?

I’ve left a half hour between reading kam’s post and trying it myself, just to get an independent-ish data point:)

Texas Florida (it’s in the news!) California Utah New York Maryland Virginia West Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Kansas Arkansas Nevada Montana Minnesota New Mexico Illinois Rhode Island Massachusetts Washington Wyoming Ohio Delaware Georgia Connecticut North Dakota South Dakota Winnipeg (is that right?) Idaho Michigan Vermont Cleveland (unless that’s a city) I think I’ll stop now…

It’s generally agreed upon that New England is composed of those six states. I even learned it school. I provided seven cites, and there are many more. But if you have a cite that there are other states in New England besides those six, please, let’s see it.

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Cleveland is a city in Ohio.

Texas, California, Florida, New York for sure would be the best known. Kansas just from the Wizard of Oz. Aside from that, from occasional conversations on the subject with random friends and work colleagues here in the UK, everyone sees to know a random selection, with no real pattern. When we tried it as a driving game once on a family holiday when I was a teenager, we could remember all between 4 of us, but it did take a while, and a few Canadian provinces snuck in the list for a while, though we could barely remember any Canadian provinces when we tried them.

Oh, and I do know all the Aussie states and territories off the top of my head, but then I did spend a year over there.

Country Music is popular in Europe, so Tennessee, via Nashville, has a footprint.

Fan Fest’s annual turnout proves that.

A significant proportion of Americans seem to be under the impression that travel to my new home state of New Mexico requires a passport.

Alaska and Hawaii probably also have some recognition. Alaska as “that place that’s damn cold”, and Hawaii as the only specks of land visible on a globe for thousands of miles of Pacific.