Which states would make the best independent country?

A 180 of the previous thread on which state would go to hell in a hand basket if it left the union or the union left it. Which state would be just fine if it had to go it alone - or even potentially do better than it does in union with the other 49?

Off the top of my head there were two states that were independent countries before becoming states. Due to its size and natural resources I reckon a new Republic of Texas would do just fine if it had to take its place in the family of nations, many Texans would probably leap at the chance to show up the rest of the 49.

California was also a kinda-sorta country-ish, for about 30 seconds in the 19th century. Its economy is huge but its up to its eyeballs in debt. As the most populous state they have a huge well of manpower to draw from.

What do you think? Where would your state rank?

Alaska has vast natural resources and a small population to support, a good combination for independence.

Good call. They do well enough that they have the Alaska Permanent Fund. They could probably do just fine as an independent country.

Hawai’i was also once independent, and should do pretty well with its existing tourism infrastructure. Formerly independent Vermont might have a harder time.

I’d say Texas is uniquely positioned to go it alone. Not only does it have a great deal of oil and gas, it also has a pretty diversified economy, with a huge agricultural sector, a large technology sector and a large manufacturing sector, as well as a fairly robust fishing industry and at least 3-4 relatively large ports (Houston, Corpus, Beaumont, Texas City).

I don’t know if any states other than possibly California can claim all that, and they don’t have nearly the energy resources that Texas has.