which to download

If youhave a choice of downloading either of these Download MPEG or

  • Download WMV what is the difference please. Thank you.

It’s been a while, but IIRC WMV is specific to Windows Multimedia Player (although other players I’m sure have codecs for it), and if it’s like WMA it’s more compressed. If given the choice, I’d go for the more accepted MPEG. Of course, what you are planning to do with it might make a difference.

MPEG is generally the way to go. It’ll play nicer with a variety of players than trying to use a WMV codec and doesn’t support DRM (assuming native MPEG and not something wrapped.)

Assuming MPEG means MPEG2, then WMV file should be approximately 5 times smaller at the same quality level. Download the WMV unless you plan on playing it on a linux box.

MPEG, of course. It’s not platform-specific and there are a wider ranger of software packages that will play or edit it.

You can use WMA on Linux with MPlayer and there is a WMA plugin for xmms (xmms is purely an audio player, however). Still, MPEG is generally more useful and would be my choice.