Which trope? Mooks join leader in self-sacrifice

Open spoilers for Star Wars Rebels ahead!

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In the finale of Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Sato, one of the Rebel leaders, decides to sacrifice himself and carry out a kamikaze run on the Imperial Interdictor. Two of the bridge crew volunteer to join him after Sato orders the crew to abandon the ship.

The whole thing is a Heroic Sacrifice, of course, but what is the name of the trope of the mooks joining in? Undying Loyalty, perhaps?

Going Down with the Ship, I’d say.

IIRC I tried a few years ago to propose a YYTTW entry about how the morale of mooks NEVER breaks, no matter how many casualties they incur. The latest Wolverine movie did that, when Laura kept slicing and dicing them left and right, and not a single one broke. Yeah, Special Forces training and such, but even when the mooks don’t have that kind of training they still seem to stand there and die to the last man. Contrast with the behavior of real armies down through the ages when it is clear that they are outclassed…

Iron Man III has an exception to that. Stark was in the bad guy compound and gets part of his armor on and starts blasting bad guys. One of the mooks puts his hands up and says “I’m just here for a paycheck, I don’t even like these guys!” and runs away .

I thought of that, but these are mooks, not the Captain, and all other personnel have been told to abandon ship.

But the trope definition says “This can also extend to other crewmen, usually so they can oversee and direct passengers onto the lifeboats first.” The other crewmen stayed to help aim, not for the heck of it.

There is also this bit from Captain America: The First Avenger: