Which uses more power, a CRT or LCD screen?

Which uses more power, a CRT or LCD display, assumming each display is the same size?

A CRT. By a lot. A CRT is a big electron gun. Takes a lot of oomph to accelerate the electrons and control them.

My LCD book says it uses 80% less than a CRT.

Where would I find the actuall numbers for a certain size screen? Have CRT’s gotten more efficient over the years? I think that the phosphor’s should have improved their efficiency, but I don’t know how much.

Maybe howstuffworks.com aka howthingswork.com ?

Why not manufacturers’ web sites? e.g. from Eizo:

Eizo FlexScan F520: 17" CRT, active display size 397mm, power consumption 80W

Eizo FlexScan L465: 16" LCD, active display size 406mm, power consumption 45W