Which was the best George Lazenby Bond film?

By popular demand :smiley:

Quite a good movie, actually. And it has Diana Rigg to boot.


Oops. Poll heading should be Which was the best George Lazenby Bond film? :smack:

You gonna do a David Niven poll next?


To be sure, Lazenby was a better Agent than Lazenby’s agent.

I thought he was find in the role. And it was a better movie than it’s predecessor, Diamonds Are Forever, which was awful.

Well, this just opens you up for the inevitable: Lazenby gets a poll, but not Timothy Dalton?!? Outrage!

Please do!

Only Bond film worth watching. And the LAST Bond film which can be watched, without asking the viewer to suspend disbelief past the point of crippling cognitive dissonance.


I will agree that Diana Rigg was nice, but Lazenby was just too pretty and couldn’t act for crap. My least favorite Bond movie - though I wasn’t too happy with Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton as Bond either. I do like Daniel Craig and Sean Connery as Bond.

[I will add a comment - I prefer the books to the movies, the whole Broccolization with all the stupid high tech unrealistic crap detracts from perfectly good spy on spy cold war action. How they got from a tiny off season holiday multicabin style adirondack motel to submarines in the tropics for The Spy Who Loved Me is totally beyond me…]

So do we get a poll for the best David Niven/Peter Sellers film?

Did you mean predecessor, “You Only Live Twice”, or successor “Diamonds Are Forever”? Or both, maybe?

One thing strange about those two films was using Charles Gray as separate characters; a back stabbed Mr. Henderson in YOLT and then returning as Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever.

I’ve never understood the hate for this film. It has great action sequences, great locations, and Diana Rigg. It’s one of the most faithful to Fleming’s original novel. Lazenby even does some actual acting. If Connery had been in it, it would’ve been acclaimed as one of the best.

It’s also arguably the best film Lazenby was in, especially if you only count the parts that Lazenby was actually in. He doesn’t have any lines in Saint Jack, his part is teribly small in Kentucky Fried Movie, and you really shouldn’t count *The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. * (where he played Bond in all but name, even driving an Aston Martin)

I agree with CalMeacham. Poor Lazenby’s only fault in this movie was that he wasn’t Sean Connery. As he said in movie, “This never happened to the other fellow.”

is that movie the only time we’ve seen Bond cry?

“She’s just sleeping officer, we have all the time in the world.”

I’ve actually never heard any hate for this film. In my experience, it’s usually judged as one of the better Bond films. It’s no Moonraker, that’s for sure. Out of curiosity, I googled “best bond films ranking” and this film usually ranked in the top 5 or 6 (lowest I could find is #8), with E!s ranking at #2.

I was under the impression that the predecessor to “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was Diamonds Are Forever. However, I see I was wrong. YOLT is okay. Oh, and I liked Never Say Never