Which will be the last daytime soap to go?

“One Life to Live” will die for good today. Even though I haven’t watched it regularly in over 15 years, I still think of it as “my soap.” I’ll be sad that I won’t ever again be able to check in with Viki in Llanview.

Anyway, with daytime soaps getting axed one after another these days, it seems that the remaining four will all be gone in the next few years. That got me to wondering which one will be the last to go?

My bet is that “the Bold and the Beautiful” will be the last. While it may seem like a dark-horse contender, the least known in the States, it is apparently a major major international hit. A Swedish exchange student I shared an apartment with many years ago told me that the entire country shuts down at 7:30pm when “B&B” airs. Also, it being the last half-hour show means it is the least expensive to produce.

Anyone care to place a bet?

I’m terrible at predicting stuff like this – if you’d asked me a couple of years ago, I would have picked All My Children as the one that would survive the longest.

I’m thinking that NBC will convert it’s entire daytime programming into things they pretend are part of the Today show, and CBS will feel the most pressure from its affiliates to give back airtime, so GH will survive by default.

If I’m not mistaken, GH is directly owned by ABC, which may be a survival advantage.

Word on the street is that Katie Couric’s new show is due to take GH’s time slot this fall.

Wonder how much longer the SoapNet channel will last? They rerun the days soaps at night.

As the number of shows decreases they will be out of business.

I voted for The Young and The Restless. It’s been clobbering all of the other soaps in the ratings for such a long time that it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t be the last one standing. Then again, you never know in these crazy times for soap operas.

Soapnet is scheduled to end later this year and morph into Disney JR. March 22 is the last day.