Whirlpool evaporator fan

For about the 5th time the evaporator fan in our Whirlpool refrigerator freezer has died. I want to fix it myself this time, it doesn’t seen all that hard.

It is Model: ET 25DKXBW02
Serial Number: ee 2614328

Can someone direct me to a website that has simple to understand instructions on how to do this. From watching the repairmen in the past I know I have to get to the back of the freezer. After removing the back the rest seems pretty easy. And of course I have to buy the evaporator fan itself.

How To Replace the Evaporator Fan

I have used guides on that website for other repairs, though not this evap fan guide.

They are easy to replace if you have any mechanical ability. A 5th dead fan for a refrigerator is a really excessive burnout rate. You may wish to write Whirlpool about the quality problem. They were a company I worked with that really cared about quality problems. At least the engineers did.

By any chance, was one of the symptoms a water accumulations behind the fridge that you could not trace?