Whistlin' Dixie

I have an idea on how to solve this whole Presidential election and make everyone happy. How about we let the Southern states secede like they wanted to 140 years ago with Bush as President? The rest of us (I’m in Washington State) can take Gore. What do you think?

Gore’s from Tennessee. Wasn’t Tennessee in the Confederacy?

Works for me. I don’t know why we wouldn’t let 'em go in the first place.

::mentally adding Catch-22 to the list of books I’ve read too many times::

Welcome, Doc.

There’s plenty of us (I’m a Tennesseean living in Texas) who would much rather have Gore.

And by the way, Tennessee was in the confederacy.

Gore’s from Tennessee?

Gore wasn’t even born in Tennessee.

RickJay: Yeah, Tennessee was part of the Confederacy. I don’t think either one of the candidates would care though. Isn’t it interesting how the coasts basically support Gore and the center of the country is for Bush? Are Democrats drawn to water?

dropzone: Thanks for the welcome :wink: I don’t know why we didn’t let 'em go either. My whole family is from the deep south, so I’d be stuck in Arkansas married to my cousin or something. (I can’t speak for all of Arkansas, but some of my distant cousins actually DID marry).

Yeah, Catch-22 is one of my favorite books. I’ve only read it once. I’m not sure I caught everything. I was dizzy afterwards.

You kidding? Gore invented Tennessee!

great! Bush being from Texas, Gore from Tennessee, we’d end up with both!
No thanks, I’ll stay.

But those of us from Colorado and Nebraska would end up with neither.

It’s a thought…

Yeah, it’s so that they have a quick way out of the country when they’re done screwing it up :wink:

I think my brother put it best when he said “Democrats are just progressive communists.”

Red Altert! Shields up!

Not a bad idea, but 'taint so easy as you suggest. The LATHER (Liberal American Tree Hugging Eco Republic) under AlGore would have only the northern part of the east coast from DC up. We’ll throw in New Hampshire just so y’all can be contiguous there. You also get the entire granola munching west coast which we will gladly dislodge (one small nuke on the San Andeas fault oughta do it) and, through the innovative use of tug boats, drag around and affix to the coast of Maine. You also get a few extreme northern states good for little more than ice and corn. You’ll have to negotiate with Canada for access, cause we don’t allow your kind through here. That brings us to the problem that is New Mexico. If their recount does not change initial outcome, y’all get them too. Maybe we can work out a land swap. NM people will move to what is now the Dakotas and y’all can annex that. Current Dakotans will move to the former NM, which we will call New Dakota (who needs 2 Dakotas anyway?). The NRA (National Republic of America - hey, saves on letterhead and monogrammed towels) under George Bush gets the rest. Except…

The state currently known as Florida will be spun off on it’s own as the Blue Hair Republic, the Viagra capital of the world. An appropriate wall will be erected between the BHR and the NRA states of Georgia and Alabama. Reckon them Germans have some leftover concrete block they’ll sell cheap? We’ll even paint the BHR side pink to match the current decor.

If y’all are real nice, we’ll cut you a deal on the use of our deep water ports in Nevada and Idaho.

Ah, but luckily we didn’t vote for him. Isn’t it a little depressing when your home state doesn’t vote for you? Y’all can keep him if it’s all the same, thanks.

I thought Arkansas voted for Clinton twice to keep him from coming back. :smiley:

He also has the habit of arriving at the Nashville airport exactly 15 minutes before rush hour and then driving down the most commuter heavy roads, meaning they have to be blocked while his motorcade passes. He does this every single time he visits Nashville with no regards for us working chumps. So in retalliation, we didn’t vote for him.

He hardly even bothered to come to Memphis. I’m afraid he took us for granted since we traditionally go Democrat. He did have some sort of breakfast here last weekend and managed to tie up the roads to the airport with the motorcade so I know what you’re talking about.

Actually, not all of Tennesee fought for the Confederacy. Northeast Tennesee, where I live, fought for the Union.

Just a little trivia for y’all.