Whistling with your fingers

I have often seen people whistle and quite loudly too by sticking two fingers into their mouth and then blowing. Just how is this supposed to work? What secret am I missing?

I know how to whistle the more traditional way a la Lauren Bacall in “Key Largo.”

See if this will help:

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FTR- “Just put your lips together and blow.” is from “To Have, or Have Not”.

Perhaps that’s why I can’t whistle properly. I was watching the wrong movie.

I find I have better results by using the method described in the link, execpt I curl back my tounge.

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I have a friend that pinches her bottom lip (maybe even a little below her bottom lip) and blows and it is the loudest damn whistle I have ever heard. My trick to make a really loud whistes is to take a piece of paper (try all different kinds to find what works best for you) pinch it with both hands (thumb and index of each hand) about 1cm-1in (again distance will vary), put your lips on your finger tips and blow through the gap you created with those same finger tips. If you do this right it can be extremely loud. The best material I found to do this with is the cellophane off a pack of cigs. But make sure that there is NO tobacco left it in and it helps even to rip it apart to creat more of a sheet of cello instead of a bag type thing. (BTW if you don’t rip it open and there is tobacco left in it, it can end up in your eye, I found that to be extremly painful!!)

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{{…The best material I found to do this with is the cellophane off a pack of cigs…}}Joey P

We poor country boys just used a blade of grass. The most difficult one for me to learn was the “Loon” call, made by blowing across your bent thumbs, into your cupped hands. The pitch would change by an octave when opening the fingers of one hand, giving the “Whooo-OOOOOOO-ooooo” sound.


I can shatter eardrums.

The secret is curling your tongue and concentrating on blowing the small space between your lips instead of just blowing out air.


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I’m backwards. I cannot whistle by blowing, I have to inhale sharply to make a whistling sound.

Several ways to make a really loud, annoying whistle. They all require practice and a lot of trial and error.

Start with the 4 finger whistle: Easiest to do, and easy trasition to other popular finger whistles (2-finger, pinky whistle, “OK” sign whistle) Hold both hands with the first and middle fingers fully extended and tightly together, all other fingers tucked in. Rest the tips of your middle fingers together, palms in. Put your fingers like this into your mouth, under the tip of your tongue and fold the tip of your tongue back so it folds almost in half. Rest your index fingers firmly in the corner of you mouth. Now, blow. You will not make any noise. Don’t worry. Keep blowing, and adjust the angle between your fingers, without changing the overall confirmation of your fingers and mouth. Move them in and out, and up and down. Eventually (it takes practice) you’ll produce a feeble whistle at first, but eventually you’ll make people’s ears ring. happy whistling!

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