White balance differences between two eyes?

I noticed a bizarre phenomenon today when I was looking at my phone: When I close my right eye, the phone screen looks bluer than normal, almost like my brain isn’t color-correcting it to the normal white. If I just close my left eye, the colors look normal.

I’m right-eye-dominant, so when both eyes are open, things seem fine.

Should I be concerned about this?

Here’s a previous thread on the same topic:

QtM mentions cataracts as a possible cause but the general feel I get from the rest of the thread is that it’s fairly common.

I’d guess that in different lighting you’d not note the same effect.

I’d guess you’d be wrong.

See the other thread (and there are probably yet others). We have done this to death.

Several years ago, I experienced a vivid color shift, with the green light on my speakers loooking vivid green in one eye and just yellow in the other. I went to my ophthalmo and he examined me thoroughly and found nothing to be concerned about, and suggested that it might be caused by stress or nervous tension, which at the time, would fit. It cleared up after a week or two. A few days ago, I noticed this to a slight degree again, but it went away by the next day.

I also found that when I needed cataract repair, that the apparent color of shades of off white were markedly different in each eye, as cataracts also darken color and light perception. But if you are under about 50, it is unlikely that cataracts would be your cause.

I have had the cataracts removed in both eyes, and I still see a difference.