white cats deaf

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but

are white cats with blue eyes deaf?
If this is so, why?

if not, sorry then, carry on


Thank you for the detailed and informative response.

Anytime, Summertime. :slight_smile:

I ask because on my morning drive, I sometimes see this all-white cat wandering the side streets.
It doesn’t seme to have a collar, but looks “owned”.
I wondered because of cars driving by, being deaf might make it more susceptible to being hit.

FYI - My blue-eyed white DSH hears just fine.

malcom x, my white blue eyed devil kitty was not only deaf, but he had no balance and was often seen falling off of counters, couches, chairs, and stairs. I miss him :frowning:

Cats with white ears are also prone to skin cancer. You are supposed to apply the factor 15 before you cat goes out in the sun.

Deadly Nightlight: The congenital deformity which makes some blue-eyed white cats deaf can also cause middle and inner ear malformations, and these structures are important in balance. This is, however, extremely rare.