White folks and alcholism

A history of beer in Europe. It has been brewed for more than a few hundred years.

Just for the record the linked article’s abstract mentions the study used archived data related to those of “European ancestors”. So you can’t draw any conclusions across “races” anyway.

Huey if you want to make racial comparisons here is some data.

The issue is always that there are big sociocultural differences that likely trump any issues of biological predisposition in dealing with these sorts of statistics. The simple correlation approach is the tactic of the so called “scientific racists” and sharing that space with them is not I think where you aim to sit.

So you’d like to throw out an accusation against an entire race. Throw the author of the article you linked to under the bus rather than defend your own thread. Then say that people here are not intelligent enough to understand the topic. And now you’d like to close down the thread so there’s no rebuttal.

You have a skewed view of how debate works.

Wasn’t the violence during Prohibition largely driven by the Italian mafia? Not a ton of blue eyes there…

I’m still trying to understand what poor Harriet Tubman did to get pulled into this…

Nah, bruh. I was expecting someone with a science background to talk about GABA receptors, to talk about the pigments in the eye, to talk about how these could be related, to talk about how, if anything, can alcohol interact with any of these things. I had hoped that someone could read the article (I do not have access) and fight my ignorance. The only person who kind of scratched the surface was DSeid. I agree with the poster that this is preliminary work. You (and others) are free to rebut all you like. I’ll read your views, consider them, but unless you’re going to give me some science, I’m not gonna respond. Thanks.

Then you’ll be “trying to understand” until the end of time. If you don’t get it now, you wouldn’t get it if I explained it to you. I’m not going to bother explaining it to you. Thanks.

This is true but who did the mafia sell alcohol to? Themselves?

The moderators don’t need your permission to do anything.

Nevermind. Not worth it.

Yeah, but that’s fermented, not distilled. Distillation allows a concentration of alcohol that can’t be achieved by fermentation. There’s a reason why prohibitionists railed against demon rum, not demon lager.

That said, I’m having some trouble following along, possibly due to the multiple gimlets I’ve drunk, with my brown eyes and red hair.

Huey, may I (a non-white person) ask why 70% of all your posts or so are about white people?

Any reason for this obsession?

“I could explain it to you, but you are not smart enough/worthy enough to understand, so I’m not going to bother” is a great way to drive people away.

Probably to white people. Most probably to racist white people. Bet a lot of them had light eyes too. Then they passed down those racist, light eyed alcoholic genes in order to continue their control over over the Wisconsin state legislature. It all makes sense to me now.

Sure, but they were teaching classes in distillation in Italian medical schools in 1200 CE, so it’s still not a great argument.

Do you count blue-eyed black folk in both categories?

There’s about 246,000,000 white people in America. About one in three have blue eyes, which is about 82,000,000. There’s about 75,000,000 African Americans. So, not quite.

I think that widespread consumption of distilled spirits is only a few centuries old. Here’s some cool history:

Yes, the OP is actually quite correct that grain distillation is relatively recent - more several hundred years than a few hundred, but close enough.

However I don’t think that strength of spirits is necessarily all that relevant in terms of intoxication and violence. Alexander the Great did just fine as a homicidal maniac( literally killing his own officers in a drunken rage )with primarily wine at his disposal. So did a billion other ancient alcoholics - the Middle Ages was practically a primer on why drunken teenagers shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Spirits just allows you to get drunk quicker.

A genetic predisposition of blue-eyed people to alcoholism would be interesting, and certainly alcohol as a disinhibitor is responsible for amplifying all sorts of stupid behavior. However any impact on racist violence would have to be pretty infinitesimal statistically. If it were a real impact the OP should rejoice :slight_smile: - the proportion of blue-eyed caucasians born in the United States has been dropping steadily for decades. From ~57% in 1900 to ~17% in 2002.