"White Girl Bleed A Lot"

Is there a place I can find a review of this book that is not either a - straight up shilling for it, or b - dismissing it as racist garbage? Google has not been my friend on this one…
Not looking for a debate, I haven’t read the book. Looking to say as factual as possible, hence I post in this forum. But if it is moved I will understand. The subject matter is…somewhat inflammatory…

Goodreads reviews.

Not professional reviews, but not shills and not dismissive.

I haven’t read the book but I am familiar with author Colin Flaherty. He’s mostly a blogger, and my impression is that his “book” is really just a cut-and-paste collection of his web articles.

Is the book worth reading? I’m not sure. His web articles are SOMETIMES very interesting and thought-provoking, and he gets some small credit for saying things the mainstream media often seem to prefer ignoring.

That said, the people who call Flaherty a racist aren’t wholly wrong. He definitely comes across as a man with a chip on his shoulder and a broad-based hostility to most black Americans, not just black criminals.

I’d suggest scanning for some of his web articles. IF you find them worth reading, consider getting the book. If he strikes you as racist and over-the-top (and he very well may), don’t bother.

Well, that sure seems non-partisan and level-headed a study. Put me down for one, I got a wobbly table.